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                                  • How can I use the Token Editor in XAF?

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                                Hello Alex,

                                Please review the Using a Control that is not Integrated by Default  article to learn more on possible solutions. In particular, you can implement a custom PropertyEditor or ListEditor as described below:
                                    Concepts > UI Construction > View Items > Implement Custom Property Editors
                                    Task-Based Help > How to: Implement an ASP.NET Web List Editor Using a Custom Control
                                    Task-Based Help > How to: Implement a Custom WinForms List Editor

                                It is important to check out the documentation on this control:
                                    WinForms Controls > Controls and Libraries > Editors and Simple Controls > Token Edit Control
                                    ASP.NET Controls and MVC Extensions > DevExpress.Web > ASPxTokenBox

                                In addition, you can review examples our users created while working on similar tasks:
                                    WinForms: What is the best approach to store and retrieve values from TokenEdit via ListEditorTokenEdit based XAF property editor and more...
                                    ASP.NETXaf Web - Create a custom ListEditor based on the ASPxTokenBox controlCustom token box property editor and more...

                                Let us know if you experience any difficulties with integrating the token editors in your XAF app. In this case, in addition to the sample where you tried to use it according to the docs I introduced above, please also elaborate a bit more on your planned usage scenario and expected results from the end-user's perspective.


                                We would also greatly appreciate it if you describe your planned use-case scenarios or exactly how and for what your end-users are supposed to use this token box control in your app.
                                If possible, attach screenshots, test samples and database to clarify expected results and user steps within the application UI. With that, we will be able to better understand your requirements and provide more specific solutions or consider improvements to our products for the future. Thanks in advance.

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                                • Alex Kads 06.27.2014

                                  Can you publish exemple on Code Examples area?

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 06.27.2014

                                  Alex, thank you for your suggestion. We will consider creating such an example for the future, though I cannot promise any time frame. Should you experience any concrete implementation difficulties while doing this task, let us know.

                                • Alex Kads 06.29.2014

                                  It is possible to use the Token Edit Control instead of the link/unlink with XPCollection?

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 06.30.2014

                                  Sure, that is possible. In general, you can implement any custom functionality in a custom PropertyEditor like you would do in a regular WinForms app and a custom user control.

                                • Lkhagvadelger Gantumur 3 12.08.2015

                                  Its 2 years passed away.
                                  Is example published on Code Example area?

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 12.08.2015

                                  @Lkhagvadelger: To process your recent post more efficiently, I created a separate ticket on your behalf: T322138: Code example for TokenEdit integration. This ticket is currently in our processing queue. Our team will address it as soon as we have any updates.

                                • Andreas Fasching 12.08.2015

                                  Dennis, this new ticket (T322138) appears to be private. Do you mind making it public?
                                  Will it be win or web version or both?

                                • QGI OIL AND GAS INC CARLOS RENNO 12.08.2015

                                  I'm Alex,  Thanks!!!

                                • Alex Kads 12.08.2015

                                  I would like to see as well.

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 12.08.2015

                                  @Andreas, QGI OIL AND GAS INC CARLOS RENNO, Alex: While I cannot make this ticket public, I will be more than happy to assist you with any difficulties you might experience when integrating Token Edit Control in XAF. Please submit separate tickets in the Support Center if you require any assistance. Thanks.

                                • Svatopluk Ulicny 06.17.2016

                                  Is the example T322138: Code example for TokenEdit integration available somewhere already? It seems to be still private. Thanks

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 06.17.2016

                                  @Svatopluk: This ticket does not contain code examples and cannot be made public as I described above. Should you have specific difficulties integrating the Token Edit Control in XAF according to the aforementioned XAF documentation, please submit separate tickets in the Support Center so we can assist you further. Thanks.

                                • Andreas Fasching 06.17.2016

                                  While I don't understand entirely why this very sample or a new sample from devexpress support can't be published here I have to tell that while my applications would benefit greatly in some cases by using a TokenEdit editor I don't have the resources to build one myself at the moment (while XAF is a great framework that allows extending/changing almost every bit of it, it's often rather high effort to do so correctly for someone who doesn't build custom PropertyEditors daily). However, I'm almost certain, that I will in the future, if none exists by that time. When that happens I will share my solution here.

                                  It would be great however,  if one of the following events occurs before that:
                                  - Devexpress publishes a sample about how this can be accomplished to at least kickstart the polishing of an own XAF TokenPropertyEdit.
                                  - Someone else takes the burden to implement one and is willing to publish his edit here.
                                  - Devexpress builds a XAF TokenPropertyEdit into XAF directly (that of course would be the burner but the least probable event)