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                                  • Hi DevExpress Support Team,
                                    I need simple example (to use in all my XAF application) to display a ProgressBar during the execution of an Action , bacause I often have to create/modify/import a lot of objects (20.000/30.000) with about 20/30 minutes of execution and so I'd like to show the progress to end User with the possibility to cancel the operation.

                                    I've already seen these kb articles, but with each one of them I have some problem:
                                    - How to Best Report Progress Info -> It seems to work, a part of cancel operation, but it seems to me an approach too old.
                                    - How to interact with a Splash Screen by sending commands -> It's good in XAF?
                                    - how to use progress bar with xaf application -> it seems quite complex and I dont know how to implement in a simple action (need specific example)

                                    So I ask you if you can create for me, and for all other users, a very simple sample project with the current best/simple way to show a progress bar (with the possibility of cancellation) during the execution of a simple action in XAF.

                                    I also believe that this functionality should be integrated into XAF, what do you think about?

                                    Thank you very much!

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                                Hello Emanuele.
                                Thank you for your feedback.
                                Currently, I see two easiest approaches for you. The first one is to use the mentioned How to Best Report Progress Info  approach. Yes, it is old, but it is good, simple and still valid.
                                Alternatively, you can use the approach described in the Showing WaitForm while loading data for XAF list/detailviews thread to show a SplashScreen. You can also implement your own SplashScreen as described at How to: Use a Custom Splash Screen and use code from How to Best Report Progress Info to implement a SplashScreen.
                                Please let me know if you need further assistance.

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                                • Robert Fuchs 05.31.2014

                                  You are using links like this:
                                  These don't work and they log me out of the site.

                                • Alexey (DevExpress Support) 06.02.2014

                                  I have corrected the links in the answer.

                                • Emanuele 06.03.2014

                                  Hi Alexey,
                                  thank you for the quick reply, but actually I was just wondering a sample project.
                                  Anyway, I tried to use the CustomXtraSplashForm implemented in the FeatureCenter, recalled like in the "How to interact with a Splash Screen by sending commands (";; article.
                                  Now I only need a "cancel" button/strategy.
                                  Also I strongly suggest to implement this functionality in XAF as the "Showing WaitForm while loading data for XAF list/detailviews" functionality.
                                  Please, could you open a suggestion request, or should I make the request myself?

                                • Alexey (DevExpress Support) 06.03.2014

                                  Thank you for your valuable feedback
                                  Currently we have plans to implement a similar functionality. Please track the Async loading of DetailView (first show View and then bind data). thread to be informed about our progress.

                                • Carlitos 11.11.2014

                                  Can't view S173145

                                • Alexey (DevExpress Support) 11.11.2014