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                                  • Having an option to hide columns in the PivotGrid would allow it's use in more applications. An example would be a budgetting application that has a table with: PROJECT, YEAR, BUDGET, COMMIT and ACTUAL. A common pivotgrid would have PROJECT down the left side, YEAR across the top and data columns for BUDGET, COMMIT and ACTUAL. Now for years in the past probably only ACTUAL matters, for the current year all three matter and for years in the future only BUDGET and COMMIT matter (and have values). There are no ACTUAL expenses yet in future years.
                                    There are events that allow blanking out the data in a column already so just being able to hide empty columns would do it.
                                    A current project is a 5+ year budget planning application that shows about 8 years of data and several more columns than the above example. Would be a lot more compact and less confusing to users to have columns with no data hidden. Not sure the PivotGrid as it is currently is useable for this application which is a shame.
                                    Proposed Solution:
                                    Add an xxxHideEmptyColumns option to each field object. When a column is empty of values hide it if this option is set for the field in question. Might be useful for rows as well though myself I just need to hide columns.

                                • Alex M (DevExpress) 08.14.2009

                                  This suggestion was marked as implemented in v2 by mistake. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

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