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                                  • You can enable/disable this feature manually using a custom ViewController added to your WinForms module project. See also:
                                        How to: Access the List Editor's Control
                                    Refer to the WinForms Controls > Controls and Libraries > Tree List > Visual Elements > Auto Filter Row documentation for more information.

                                    As far as XAF is concerned, at the moment this task requires implementing a TreeListEditor descendant or rather a custom ListEditor based on the TreeList control, for at least the following reasons:

                                    1. The DevExpress.ExpressApp.TreeListEditors.Win.TreeListEditor.treeList_DoubleClick method needs to be modified to skip further processing of the ListViewProcessCurrentObjectController class for auto filter row cells.
                                    2. In many cases it is necessary to handle the TreeList.CustomNodeCellEdit event to assign particular in-place editors to cells in the Auto Filter Row based on the IModelListViewShowAutoFilterRow.ShowAutoFilterRow option. In this event handler, determine if a processed node is the Auto Filter Row by using the staticTreeList.AutoFilterNodeId field and assign the required repository item to a cell by setting the e.RepositoryItem property.
                                    2. Preserve and restore the TreeList.OptionsView.ShowAutoFilterRow option based on the IModelListViewShowAutoFilterRow.ShowAutoFilterRow option (implemented in v18.1.5+ for T646981).

                                    Other standard XAF scenarios must be checked for correct operation with this feature.

                                • Chris Royle (LOB) 03.07.2016

                                  This doesn't appear to have been implemented in XAF yet - is this more complicated than hooking the editor control & setting properties ? 

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 03.08.2016

                                  @Chris: Yes. I've updated my original post above. 

                                • Chris Royle (LOB) 03.08.2016

                                  Thanks Dennis - I did have a go to see if this was a "quick fix" myself, but it does appear to be more involved, per your findings.

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 06.27.2018

                                  @Chris: We've made a minor improvement in this regard for Martin in TreeListEditors.WinForms - InvalidCastException (Unable to cast TreeListAutoFilterNode to ObjectTreeListNode) occurs after an auto filter row is enabled. Probably, your team will find it helpful as well. In either case, we would love to hear about your current issues and other experiences after testing these improvements. Thanks in advance.

                                • Chris Royle (LOB) 07.01.2018

                                  Thanks for drawing my attention to this Dennis. 

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