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                                • Lana (DevExpress) 10.25.2011

                                  Implementation Details:
                                  ASPxHtmlEditor has a collection of default shortcuts.
                                  We have provided the HtmlEditorShortcutCollection collection for ASPxHtmlEditor to allow you to modify the default and create custom shortcuts.
                                  A shortcut is defined by the following properties:
                                  - the Shortcut property specifies the set of keys that invoke the corresponding action;
                                  - the ActionType property specifies a type of action that is invoked when the corresponding key combination is pressed;
                                  - the ActionName property specifies the name relevant to the executed action.
                                  For your convenience, ASPxHtmlEditor provides a collection editor that allows you to customize shortcuts at design time.
                                  For more information see the Keyboard Shortcuts online help topic.
                                  Please note that the specified links will be available after v2011 vol 2 is released.
                                  DevExpress ASP.NET Team

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