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                                • suman jha 09.24.2014

                                  any update ? 

                                • Alex (DevExpress Support) 09.24.2014

                                  Hi Suman,

                                  At present, this functionality is not supported. We will update this ticket status once we make a final decision regarding this feature.

                                • frank vdb 10.30.2014

                                  You guys are talking about implementing a "Conditional Formatting" feature like in the DXGrid?
                                  If so, I'm also curious about the status.

                                • Alex (DevExpress Support) 10.30.2014

                                  Hi Frank,

                                  Yes, you are referring to a similar feature. However, I am afraid I cannot provide you with an estimate right now.

                                • Tobias Lachmann 02.05.2015

                                  I want that, too. So I do not have to program that feature for our customers myself. Just the same like in DXGrid would be good.
                                  Thank you very much,

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                                Additional information:

                                With this release, we've introduced a conditional formatting feature that allows end-users to sort and group data in the Pivot Grid and to visualize data cells with data bars, icons and predefined or custom appearance schemes. Create, sort and modify the created rules at runtime with the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager.
                                The following comparison rules are supported:
                                - Above / Below Average - formats values that are above or below average.
                                - Top / Bottom - formats only top or bottom ranked values.
                                - Greater / Less Than - formats only cells that contain the required values.
                                - Range - format all cells based on their values using color scale, data bar or predefined icons.

                                • Zeeshan Bilal 02.04.2016

                                  Is this formatting feature available dxDataGrid (web) also, please share the reference.

                                • John (DevExpress Support) 02.04.2016

                                  Hi Zeeshan,
                                  I have created a separate ticket regarding the dxDataGrid control on your behalf: Style Format Conditions feature in dxDataGrid. Let's continue our discussion there.