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                                    M. Brekhof wrote:
                                    "Taking your statemachine from the top of this thread as an example:
                                    InProgress could be divided into:
                                    - writing functional design
                                    - creating prototype
                                    - testing
                                    That's where I thought the Caption could be used for (which was somehow confirmed, I thought, as I could enter different records/Captions for the same marker) .
                                    Essentially I tried to create 'sub-states' for a single state. If that's not possible I was wondering what the meaning of these functionality (creating several variant for the same marker) could be."
                                    Luc Debrun wrote:
                                    "The module should have a system to check permissions to change states out of the box.
                                    This seems quite obvious to me that (almost?) any application with multiple roles will require that"
                                    Steven Rasmussen wrote:
                                    "Is there a way to control who can change from one state to another based on security roles?
                                    For example, maybe everyone has the ability to move the task through all the states except for 'Completed'. Only certain people with rights have the ability to change the status to 'Completed."

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