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                                    i have the folllowing scenario. for windows app my users are allowed to change the UI at runtime but do not have access to the model.
                                    what i want to achieve is make an action that collects user changes for a view and create a new view that will reflect those changes.
                                    and by using viewvariants module allow end user to see that view.
                                    is it possible? please provide some sample code on this one
                                    Proposed Solution:
                                    John Zhang wrote: "What I want is let end user save current view and show it in a dropdown list with a user input name. then user can switch view at any time. even application closed and run again. these view should be still there. Ofcourse, also need provide delete a view function."

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                                We've published an iexample demonstrating how to manage View Variants at runtime, store them in the database and share them among users:
                                How to save and share custom view settings

                                Your feedback on this implementation and the approach in general is welcome.