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                                  • It is necessary to make it possible to edit data directly in the tree list. Please see the attached screenshot for details.

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 05.29.2017

                                  @Vuong Hoang: I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T519803: Questions about tree list). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

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                                Currently, for simple and basic scenarios, you can consider customizing the built-in Tree List Editors as shown in the following Code Central examples:
                                   How to enable in-place editing in the WinForms tree List View (TreeListEditor)
                                   How to enable in-place editing in the ASP.NET tree List View (ASPxTreeListEditor)
                                Take special note that these are rather temporary/incomplete implementations that were not tested under all standard XAF scenarios as other XAF features we ship out of the box (e.g., there is no support for inline validation).
                                That said, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide support or solutions for these examples quickly and without the necessity of introducing code changes into our framework.

                                If there are problems with these examples or they do not meet your needs due to other reasons, I suggest you consider alternative solutions for your tasks, which may potentially help you achieve what you want faster without any limitations and maintain it easier in the long term:
                                    Task-Based Help > How to: Show a Custom Data-Bound Control in an XAF View (ASP.NET) - the idea is to design a fully custom web user control in Visual Studio based on the ASPxTreeList and in accordance with its online documentation, examples and demos - exactly as you would do without XAF. After that, you can integrate this control in an XAF DetailView or Dashboard (to emulate a ListView look and feel) to display the required data.
                                    Task-Based Help > How to: Implement an ASP.NET Web List Editor Using a Custom Control  or Task-Based Help > How to: Create a Custom Control Detail Item - implement a custom-tailored ListEditor or ViewItem based on the runtime created ASPxTreeList control or custom web user control instance.

                                This path implies using the ASPxTreeList and TreeList components from our DevExpress ASP.NET and WinForms libraries according to their related learning materials, exactly as you would do in a regular non-XAF app.
                                If after researching the product documentation, online demos and finally searching and checking related tickets and code examples in the Support Center you experience any difficulties, do not hesitate to submit separate tickets describing specific implementation difficulties using the service (select the ASPxTreeList or TreeList products under the appropriate technology for this).