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                                  • A combo box with a dropdown checked list box.

                                • Serge (DevExpress Support) 06.30.2009

                                  The upcoming DXperience v2009 vol 2 will support a new ASPxDropDownEdit control. In addition, the ASPxListBox control will provide three selection modes:
                                    Single – Allows end user to select only one item
                                    Multiple - End users can select several items at once by using the mouse and keyboard keys: Shift (to select a range of items) and Ctrl (to add an item to a current selection)
                                    Check Column - provides multiple selection by using a specific checkbox column (end users don't need to use the Ctrl and Shift keys).
                                  Using the new ASPxDropDownEdit control and the multiple selection list box, you can easily create a dropdown (combo box style) check list box of your own.
                                  See Mehul Harry's DevExpress Blog:
                                    Sneak Peek: New ASP.NET Editors’ Features and Demo for 2009 volume 2!
                                  Nevertheless, we're planning to provide the built-in support for multiple-selection in the ASPxComboBox in future minor updates of DXperience v2009 vol 2.

                                • Serge (DevExpress Support) 11.25.2009

                                  We decided to rely on the ASPxDropDownEdit solution, and not to create a separate control. Please check the CheckComboBox Emulation demo which illustrates this approach in action.

                                • Serge (DevExpress Support) 10.26.2010

                                  We are planning to implement this functionality in the context of the following suggestion:
                                    ID: S36012 (Provide a new lookup editor, containing ASPxGridView within a dropdown list)
                                  That task is almost completed and will be included in the next major version (DXperience v2010 vol 2).

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