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                                • Christoph Prinz 10.04.2012

                                  Any news on this feature?

                                • Alessandro (DevExpress Support) 10.04.2012

                                  Thank you for your message. According to the current RichEdit implementation, implementing this feature requires a lot of resources. Therefore, we have no plans to implement it in the near future. Please accept our apologies for not being helpful this time.

                                • Mohamad Jghomi 10.05.2012

                                  thanks for answer

                                • Adi Peer 10.09.2012

                                  Hello Mohamad,
                                  I had the same problem with implementing right to left for Hebrew display.
                                  I had to eventually implement an algorithm for the transformation of the text using HTML.
                                  It is possible, and it works good.


                                • v mahdavi 10.09.2012

                                  Hello Adi,
                                  Can you share this transformation method?

                                • Adi Peer 10.09.2012

                                  Hello Mahdavi,

                                  I tried doing my best isolating the relevant methods out of my project for your use.
                                  It will take some learning - feel free to contact me for help ...


                                • v mahdavi 10.09.2012

                                  Thanks a lot.

                                • Mohamad Jghomi 10.09.2012

                                  thanks a lot Adi.

                                • Adi Peer 10.09.2012

                                  Here is a sample project.
                                  You need to change the text sample to ARAB, and the RtlRule defined in the RTLTextConverter class to holt the ARAB Letters.


                                • v mahdavi 10.10.2012

                                  Hello Adi,
                                  your converter dosn't work in persian language.

                                • Adi Peer 10.10.2012


                                  Did you change the RtlRule to hold the Alphabetic letters in persian ?


                                • v mahdavi 10.10.2012

                                  Hello Adi,
                                  My code:
                                  string text = "سلام";
                                  richEditControl1.HtmlText = RTLTextConverter.RenderInstructionTextForCellBounds(richEditControl1.Size, text);

                                • Adi Peer 10.10.2012


                                  You should find the RtlRule --> public static string RtlRule = "[א-ת]"; and change it to either

                                  --> public static string RtlRule = "^[آ-ی]$";
                                  --> public static string RtlRule = @"^[\u0600-\u06FF]+$";

                                  Then the method for checking if we are dealing with RTL language will check for farsi in your text.
                                  NOTE: that this convertor is designed to also handle text with mixed English and Hebrew text, this is why this check is being performed.

                                  Hope this helps...


                                • Brian (DevExpress) 10.09.2013

                                  We are discussing possible implementation of RTL support for the Rich Editor. If this feature is important for you, please help us estimate the priority of the RTL implementation details:
                                  1.     Entering, editing and deleting text in a correct way with a correct cursor positioning.
                                  2.     Correct editing of mixed (LTR +RTL) text.
                                  3.     Translating captions of UI elements, dialogs and menus.
                                  4.     Mirroring the Ribbon elements.
                                  5.     Mirroring the layout of all end-user dialogs.
                                  Which options are absolutely required? What features are good to have?
                                  If you have any suggestions regarding RTL implementation, please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

                                • Christoph Prinz 10.09.2013

                                  Yes, this feature is important to us. It is so important that SAIL provided you with a set of patches a few months ago, that can be used with no strings attached as an inspiration for DevExpress for your own implementation of RTL.
                                  In terms of priority we see: 1, 2, 3 and 5 as very important, and 4 as important. Kindly consider that in our experience the export into Word also requires a few RTL changes (see patches, above).

                                • Jiri Novotny 10.09.2013

                                  1. Is absolutely required, 2 is good to have, all the rest (3, 4, 5) is pretty much useless to us.

                                • Pavel Kalenda 10.09.2013

                                  1. is very important,
                                  2. is good
                                  3, 4, 5 no need to be a priority

                                • Corplease 10.10.2013

                                  1. is the most important issue
                                  2. is great to have
                                  all other issues (3,4,5) are good for localization but not in the priority list

                                • izak Shoshana 10.22.2013

                                  Hope you will inlucde it soon. the lack of rtl support renders most of the control useless.

                                • Mustafa Abushuhada 11.10.2013

                                  by the way, mirroring is the most important part for RTL.

                                • George.Wahba 11.19.2013

                                  The main requirement for the RichEditCtrl is to provide an MS Word-like editor in our applications,
                                  So only 1 & 2 are required (as everyone can live with an English MS word, but capable of writing any mix of languages).
                                  I guess the rest are of very low priority and can be ignored.

                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 11.21.2013

                                  Thank you for sharing your opinions with us!
                                  We will definitely take them into account when implementing RTL support in RichEditControl.
                                  Once this feature is introduced, we will update the status of this thread.
                                  Please bear with us.

                                • Joel Rosenfeld 09.09.2014

                                  Any idea when RTL support will be introduced?

                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 09.09.2014

                                  Hello Joel,
                                  We are not planning to introduce this feature with the next major version 14.2. However, we don't reject this feature and may implement it in one of our future versions.
                                  We will update the status of this ticket once we have any results. Please stay tuned to our announcements. 

                                • shaul rosenberg 1 09.10.2014

                                  we are waiting for this already 7 years

                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 09.10.2014

                                  Hello Shaul,
                                  We understand the necessity of this feature, however I would like to note that this functionality is quite complex. As I mentioned previously, we don't reject this feature and may implement it in one of our future versions.
                                  For now, I can't provide you with exact time frames as to when RTL will be supported in the RichEditControl component.
                                  Once we have any results regarding this feature, we will update the status of this ticket. 

                                • Emad Alden . 09.27.2014

                                  devexpress is always the best and specialty in the windows form tools  ,
                                  the RichEditControl And All his Additions Tools , we can't use it in our country ( Arabic Country )
                                  I wish if that possible to  supported RTL In RichEditControl  in the near future  
                                  Thanks For Your efforts To make Our Life easier .

                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 09.28.2014

                                  Thank you for your kind words.
                                  I'm afraid this functionality will not be implemented in the near future. So, I cannot give you any estimate.
                                  However, we will consider the capability to introduce it in one of our future releases.
                                  The status of this ticket will be updated once we have any results.  

                                • Jawad Khan 06.03.2015

                                  I was expecting that this will be solved after reading I just downloaded the trial of v15.1 and I can see the problem still exists after 8 years...

                                • Mariya (DevExpress Support) 06.04.2015

                                  Hello Jawad,
                                  The RichEditControl RTL functionality is not introduced in this release. As you can see in the mentioned article, RichEditControl is not included in the list of supported controls.
                                  Please stay tuned to our What's New announcements of future releases. Also, note that we will update the status of this ticket once we have any results regarding this feature.

                                • Basil Baaziz 06.04.2015

                                  The windows common control supports rtl & rtl editing, the content of the text some parts could be arabic rtl and some parts could be english, currently I am using html editor as my editor, your grid also supporting arabic which is great too, Your support to arabic language is great, and very helpful, thank you very much

                                • Andrey (DevExpress Support) 06.08.2015

                                  Thank you for your warm words. We greatly appreciate it.

                                • Basil Baaziz 07.25.2015

                                  Hi, Rich Text control still not supporting Arabic, and words displays in reverse order, Your kind support is highly appriciated, in the mean while, can I add other types of controls in Report Designer (Custom Controls)??

                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 07.27.2015

                                  Hello Basil,
                                  To process your recent post more efficiently, I created a separate ticket on your behalf: T271457: How to add custom controls in Report Designer. This ticket is currently in our processing queue. Our team will address it as soon as we have any updates.

                                • Muhammad khan 7 08.30.2015

                                  what is the update now, is the devex team add the RTF functionality in rich edit control version 15.1

                                • Yulia (DevExpress Support) 08.31.2015

                                  Hello Muhammad,

                                  At the moment, RichEditControl is not supported RTL. Our developers are working on implementing this functionality. However, most likely, this task will not be completed till the next major update of our components. Please stay tuned to our What's New announcements of future major releases to be notified when this feature is implemented.

                                • Emad Alden . 09.21.2015

                                  Hello Yulia ,
                                  Please I want to know are devexpress now working to support RTL Layout in the xtra Report for wonform   or not yet ?

                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 09.22.2015

                                  Hello Emad,
                                  We are working on support for RTL in RichEditControl, however as Yulia mentioned, we won't manage to finish this feature in the next 15.2 major release. We understand the necessity of this functionality and will do our best to implement it in one of future releases.

                                  We will update the "What's New" section of a corresponding version of our components where this feature will be introduced. Please stay tuned to our announcements.

                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 09.23.2015
                                  POSTED BY Hanasa Pc,  Tuesday, September 22 2015 7:24 PM
                                  RTL Mode will be great thing for us , but why DevExpress in 15.2 can't do this ? and we should wait the 15.3 ? ... Thank Oleg :)
                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 09.23.2015

                                  Hello Hansa,

                                  Supporting the RTL layout in the RichEditControl document is a complex task. As I previously mentioned, we will not manage to finish this feature in the next 15.2 major release. However, we do not reject this feature and will try to implement it in one of our future versions.

                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 11.02.2015
                                  POSTED BY Ori,  Tuesday, November 3 2015 9:28 AM
                                  Is it possible to know the expected date it will be released on?
                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 11.02.2015

                                  Hi Ori,
                                  I can't provide you with an exact date of implementing RTL support in RichEditControl, since we have not yet decided in what version it will be introduced.
                                  When this feature is ready, we will publish a corresponding blog post and update the "What's New" section.
                                  Please stay tuned to our announcements.

                                • Ori 12.07.2015

                                  I do not see it as part of 15.3
                                  Will it be part of 15.4?

                                • Basil Baaziz 12.07.2015

                                  I tried to compiled the latest version 15.2.3 (2.3) Release 2/12/2015 and still not supporting RTL nor Arabic language. hope to see this soon.

                                • Yulia (DevExpress Support) 12.07.2015

                                  Hi guys,

                                  We will not be introducing RTL in RichEditControl in the minor updates of v15.2. We are, however, keenly aware of just how needed this functionality is. Please stay tuned to our What's New announcements of future major releases to be notified when this feature is implemented.



                                • Mark Robinson 5 01.06.2016

                                  Can we assume that no work has started on this? If it had then surely you could give an estimate of a version release, even a rough idea? At the moment "in the future" doesn't really help us to factor out when we can include it in our products. For now we are stuck using the WinForms RichTextBox - which just doesn't look great with the rest of the DevExpress styled application.

                                • Basil Baaziz 01.06.2016

                                  I stucked  with html editor, and missing all RTF functionalities, that's really disappointing, what do you need to add right to left and Arabic language to it?

                                • Andrey (DevExpress Support) 01.07.2016

                                  We are going to implement the RTL mode in one of our future releases. At the moment, I cannot provide you with the exact number of the release where this functionality will be implemented.
                                  Please stay tuned to our What's New announcements.

                                • Andrea Schmucková 01.18.2016

                                  I hope this will be implemented in some reasonable horizon asi we was already waiting for this couple of years and its actual blocker for my team. We are working in localization so ignoring RTL languages is simply no options for us.

                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 01.18.2016

                                  Hello Andrea,
                                  Providing support for RTL languages in the RichEditControl component is currently at the early mockup stage. We can't guarantee that this task will be completed in version 16.1. Nevertheless, we completely understand the necessity of this feature, and no doubt, we will continue working on it and will try to implement it in one of future versions.

                                • Basil Baaziz 01.19.2016

                                  Thanks Oleg for the notification, we are ready here to support, if you need early adaption or testing.

                                • Michal Balicky 01.26.2016

                                  This question probably is not merely appropriate to be here in this thread, but according to Andrea's comment. We are not blocked just by RTL missing in RichEdit. We are suffering from floating objects concept too. Is there any estimation, when floating objects manipulation will be enhanced? I mean for instance disabled resizing, while it is still possible to grip and move obejct freely within document. Current workaround is not feasible for us. Or possibility for textbox shape to be inlined. Thanks

                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 01.26.2016

                                  Hello Michal,
                                  To process your recent post more efficiently, I created a separate ticket on your behalf: T338574: How to restrict operations with floating objects in the RichEditControl document. This ticket is currently in our processing queue. Our team will address it as soon as we have any updates.

                                • Ori 02.24.2016
                                  I wanted to ask if there is already an expected release date for RTL in RichEdit. Thanks
                                • Yulia (DevExpress Support) 02.24.2016

                                  Hello Ori,

                                  As Oleg mentioned before, most probably, this feature will not be completed prior to the v16.1 release. I cannot provide you with any estimates at the moment. Please watch for our What's New announcements of future major releases. We will definitely publish information of this feature there.

                                • Ahmad Behzadi 06.29.2016
                                  DevExpress tools v16.1 is Now Available , But no good news about RTL support in Rich Text Editor. :(

                                • Basil Baaziz 06.30.2016
                                  The First test I did, but still the same :(
                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 06.30.2016

                                  You are right, RTL is not supported in version 16.1 of the RichEditControl. We will continue working on this feature with our future versions.
                                  We will update the What's New section for a corresponding version once this feature is introduced.

                                • Chris Emerson 07.11.2016
                                  Could you guys please provide an ETA on when RTL will be available in the XtraReports XRRichText control? We need this feature and can't plan our development schedule until/unless we get an ETA on this. Are we talking weeks? months?

                                  Thank you.
                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 07.11.2016

                                  Hello Chris,
                                  Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with any promises and estimates in this case. This feature is at the early mockup stage and we have not yet decided in what version it will be implemented.
                                  can't even promise that RTL will be supported in version 16.2.
                                  Nevertheless, we are tracking all the customer requests regarding this feature in order to consider implementing this functionality in the future.

                                • Basil Baaziz 07.11.2016
                                  Is there anyway to accelerate or start working on this request? 
                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 07.12.2016

                                  Hello Basil,

                                  We see your interest in this functionality and will take all the requests into account when scheduling our future development plans.

                                • Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress) 07.13.2016
                                  We'll discuss this feature once more internally and give you an update on whether it's something we plan to implement in our next build cycle (v16.2). Unfortunately, this is not a trivial feature and the opportunity cost associated with its development is quite high (considering the number of users who require RTL).
                                  I realize that's not what you want to hear and I do apologize but I want to be 100% upfront with you.
                                  Again, we'll discuss and if it's something we can do, we'll post a follow up here.

                                  Thank you
                                • ChildPlus Software 07.29.2016
                                  We would also benefit greatly from right-to-left language support in the RichEdit control.  We have a letter-generating feature in our application that schools use to print letters to parents and our users need to be able to print letters correctly translated to the parents' native language.  It's completely impossible for us to provide this capability without support for right-to-left languages.  Our only alternative is to seek a component provider other than DevExpress and we hate that idea because we have grown to trust and appreciate the DevExpress suite of components and don't want to introduce another variable into our development cycle, but our users can't understand why we don't support all languages.


                                • Ahmad Behzadi 07.30.2016
                                  When a ticket opens for 9 years and there is no beta versions, no reports, even no responsibility to provide any ETA, I think migration is the best.
                                • Basil Baaziz 07.31.2016
                                  I switched from RichEdit Control to HTML Editor, which can do most of the functionality, and also supports Arabic and Right-to-left, This is the only workaround I think while using Devexpress.

                                  I do generate contracts in Arabic/English using the HTML Editor and it works great,
                                  Here is the prons/cons using HTML Editor instead of RichEdit
                                  1- Support Right-To-Left
                                  2- Light weight and supports web smoothly.
                                  3- Easy to find references for writing HTML.

                                  Best regards,
                                • Andrea Schmucková 07.31.2016
                                  For us its also very important to have RTL support in this control.
                                • Mysoft Systems 08.09.2016
                                  Please, very important for us as well
                                • Bracken Benavidez 08.09.2016
                                  This is also needed by us
                                • Mysoft Systems 08.09.2016
                                  I took Basil Ba-Aziz advice

                                  my issue now is how to display it in a reprot
                                • Mariya (DevExpress Support) 08.09.2016

                                  The XRRichText control is used to display, enter, and manipulate formatted text in XtraReports. Since the XRRichText control is not yet included into a list of controls that support RTL, I'm afraid that there is no way to display RTL-based HTML content in the XtraReport at the moment.

                                • Mysoft Systems 08.10.2016
                                  What I did to overcome this issue I placed the XRRichEdit on the report and set it as follows

                                  //Strip the HTML tags
                                  string noHTML = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(html, @"<[^>]+>|&nbsp;", "").Trim();

                                  if (noHTML != null)
                                                  string[] lines = noHTML.Split(new char[] { '\r', '\n' });

                                                  foreach (var line in lines)
                                                      if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(line))
                                  //Verify if it is RTL
                                                          string pattern = @"(\p{IsHebrew|IsArabic})+";

                                                          string[] curLine = line.Split(' ');
                                                          string reversed = string.Empty;

                                                          foreach (string value in curLine)
                                                              string hebrewArabic = Regex.Match(value, pattern).Value;
                                                              if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(hebrewArabic))
                                                                  reversed = string.Format("{0} {1}", hebrewArabic, reversed).Trim();                               
                                                                  reversed = string.Format("{0} {1}", reversed, value).Trim();                               

                                                          html = html.Replace(line, String.Join(" ", line.Split(' ').Reverse()));

                                              xrRichText1.Html = html;

                                • Basil Baaziz 08.10.2016

                                  The best way to display HTML output is to use Custom Control (WebBrowser) in Reports which is fully supporting Arabic,  so here is the ticket on Displaying HTML in Custom Reports

                                  wish you the best.

                                • Dave Dansey 09.22.2016
                                  We've recently had a query from one of our customers regarding problems with right-to-left, in regards to rich text only, the rest of the UI and our own translations work fine (they are one of the first to be supplied with an RTL language pack).

                                  We automatically assumed ANY UI control would honour the Right-To-Left setting in WPF - I'm totally gob-smacked to be honest - we switched to DevExpress from Infragistics years ago, primarily based on the fact you had a WPF rich edit control and Infragistics didn't - I very much doubt we'd have gone that route if we'd know about this major limitation - heaven knows what we'll tell our customers - not supporting RTL languages excludes a large part of the market we *were* making in-roads into.

                                  It's bad enough after many years you still don't provide a "bottomless" editor mode (so the control resizes to the height of its content), for which we've had to give up waiting as it's been on-going for years and re-design our application so the rich text is read-only in the "properties panel" and edited via a separate interface.

                                  I've not investigated any work-around solutions for this issue, that others have presented above, but they appear to be complex and probably tied to certain languages \ implementations.

                                  For most things DevExpress is great, your controls are more powerful and easy to use than competitors I've worked with.  Your support forum and timely useful feedback is far better than others.  The one really massive "black hole" appears to be rich text - whereby it's simply not fit for purpose.  You can't use multiple rich text editor controls in a 'properties panel' approach (a very common requirement), as you can with standard text boxes (there's just way too many issues, it's not worth going there) and now I find out we can't sell our application to the half of the world that uses RTL languages!  It's not like you have a massive disclaimer and make it very clear to customers that this limitation exists!

                                  I don't believe you should have even released a rich text offering until these issues were rectified.  To have both open as support issues for the best part of a decade as well is completely laughable.  Don't know how you could be so good on so many counts yet fall so short in this area... you've obviously spent countless hours working on brand new controls and technologies instead of concentrating on making what you have got fit for use.

                                  So very disappointed, as I really don't know what we can do about this other than start over and scour the market for a decent WPF rich text editor.

                                  p.s. writing posts in this forum can be a pain too (using Win 7 and IE11) - as if you go back and try to edit parts of the text you wrote, you frequently get the cursor jump to a different location and sometimes start typing "backwards"  (yet another problem also exhibited by the WPF rich text control unless you interact with it "just right").
                                • Basil Baaziz 02.07.2017
                                  I think this request will take forever ,
                                  10 years!

                                  If there is anything we can do to support we are ready to do,

                                • Christophe Keller @ PTS 02.12.2017

                                  We are also eagerly waiting for RTL support in the (WinForms) RichEditControl.

                                • Bassam Abdelaal 02.13.2017

                                  This can have a great effect to our users if its implemented since it then can mimic a lot of WORD functionality with much easier in application editing,  RTL is the only thing preventing this right now since we have a lot of documents in Arabic , hope 17.1 release will have a good news for this request or worst case 17.2 which is still 10 months away


                                • Eli Hogery 03.04.2017

                                  We are also eagerly waiting for RTL in the RTF.

                                • Jacob Pedersen 03.08.2017
                                  My company also operate in the middle east, so we also have huge request for right-to-left support.
                                • Denis Bredikhin 05.02.2017
                                  Hello, we also need RTL functionality for WPF control. 
                                • Dave Dansey 05.02.2017
                                  Judging by the number of comments on this thread it would appear that there are quite a few people who require this basic functionality (and most likely never dreamt it would be absent in the first place, like I!).

                                  Unfortunately the 10-year lifespan of this ticket doesn't fill me with any hope it'll be introduced any time soon (and especially since DevExpress have gone cold and haven't offered any further updates).

                                  Essentially as it stands, ***none of us can supply our software to any markets which use Right-to-Left languages.***

                                  Or, if we do, we soon encounter the fall-out and disgruntled customers telling us it isn't "fit for purpose" as it doesn't work for them.  This is the position we're in - we have customers asking us (quite rightly, as it's our software) WHEN we're going to fix it??  What can we possibly tell them?  Not a lot of course as it's not under our control (unless we go to the massive effort, time and expense to change to a different Rich Text editor which would support this basic fundamental requirement).

                                • Dave Dansey 05.24.2017
                                  It's rather disappointing that it's been 10 months now since anyone from DevExpress has commented on this ticket... maybe it's not bought to attention when people comment on it but nothing else has changed?

                                  It would be nice to know the companies official stance on this?  Do you ever intend to work on attempting to add this functionality (despite how hard it may be)?  Is it actually "under active development", but just taking a very long time?

                                  We're still in the unfortunate position of having to tell customers we simply can't support right-to-left languages.

                                  Any further advice would therefore be most appreciated.

                                  Best regards,
                                • Ali Hojjati 05.24.2017
                                  It's actually a pain to have such a great tool but it doesn't support RTL. It's not the only part, every where you need an RTL Formatted text you will face the same situation. Its not a big issue when you are working in western countries, but when you are dealing with middle eastern countries its terrible. The worst thing on this matter is there is no specific date in near or even far future to introduce this absolutely needed feature.
                                  Hope to have it soon in our programs.

                                  Best Regards
                                • Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress) 05.26.2017
                                  Hello All
                                  I realize nothing can address your frustrations but I want to be honest and upfront so you can make the appropriate long-term decision...

                                  The changes required to support RTL are significant.
                                  We can argue the merits of our decisions 10+ years ago (to ship a product without RTL support)  but that's not of consequence at this point. The product was never released with RTL support and we've not allocated the resources to change that reality.

                                  Let me ask you guys a question - were you me, and you knew that a very small portion of your user base would benefit from a feature such as this and the opportunity cost to implement it was enormous, would you proceed? What would be the cut-off for you? 10 paying users, 100 paying users, 1000 paying user?

                                  Here's where i currently stand on RTL support for our Rich Text Editor - We cannot implement the request because availability of consumers (with the ability to pay for the product) and the opportunity cost involved are oceans apart...

                                  It's terrible, I know. I wish it weren't so.
                                • Basil Baaziz 05.26.2017
                                  Thanks Ray to be honest in your answer, for me I am supporting Devexpress for 3 years and ready to support you as much as I can, your supporting for Arabic is almost full except this, and I introduced your product to other developers who bought another 4 licenses, and we really needing this feature.

                                  Your answer is very disappointing and really make me sad after a long waiting.

                                  The problem that this component is used widely in other products and really making the other products not supporting Arabic well.

                                  We tried all work around but all these solutions are wasting alot of time and not right at all , addition to that we have report designer problems and dashboard rules, and PDF.

                                  I am sure that I am leaving DevExpress if you are not caring about this feature,so count -5 futurel supporting users.
                                  your product was great but I waste enough time and money.

                                  Why you didn't cost it or even check what it requires, why you didn't make a survey to check how this feature could affect your supporting clients? 

                                  Successful products world wide are supporting Arabic, Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Google, Android, oracle, SAP ... etc
                                  Failing and less market share companies not supporting Arabic and most of them are closed.

                                  Best regards,

                                • Basil Baaziz 05.26.2017
                                  and for your info,
                                  I contribute in translation for Arabic for more than 90% Dashboard, Report Designer, Sheets,Interfaces,PDF and RTF, I did all of it, and It was really alot of efforts.

                                  please consider again supporting RTL for RTF.

                                • Ali Hojjati 05.26.2017
                                  Hi Ray, 
                                  As a matter of fact you were right when at least 10 percent of the people were not using the RTL languages as their native languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and etc....) If you see from this point of view, 10 percent is more than enough to make this happen. As for myself I'm dealing with RTL languages every minute of my life with the people around me. and also other 500 million people as well. We know It may have some extra cost for your company, but the goal is to satisfy the users. it's always been like this and will be forever. Please consider this amount of users and make this happen.

                                • Amro El-Fakharany 05.26.2017
                                  Hello  Ray,
                                  when you say that the changes are "significant" what exactly are we talking about?


                                • Bassam Abdelaal 05.27.2017
                                  Hello Ray,

                                  since you are sharing this important info, pls also share with us more details so we can understand , approximately how many of us are requesting this feature and how much it can cost you to implement ? we want to know this "oceans apart" variance as you mentioned , can you share with us this info? maybe we have a suggestion or a solution then

                                  Thank you
                                • Basil Baaziz 05.27.2017
                                  After reviewing the Code, and make a several testing in Compiled RichTextFormat,
                                  The problem is only in the Page Painter, others I guess is Ok,

                                  I tried to compile but there is a lot of Errors

                                  Project Name : DevExpress.RichEdit.Core
                                  File Name : PagePainter.cs

                                  To fix the main issue of RTL (I guess)
                                  // Check if the (Character Language is Arabic) then if (comment.ModelComment.Comment.ParentComment == null) { Rectangle commentCharacterBounds = comment.ModelComment.Character.TightBounds; int x1 = commentCharacterBounds.Right; // <== This must be changed to Left int y1 = commentCharacterBounds.Bottom; int x2 = comment.Parent.Bounds.Left; // <== This must be changed to Right //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// int x1 = commentCharacterBounds.Left; int y1 = commentCharacterBounds.Bottom; int x2 = comment.Parent.Bounds.Right;

                                • Ahmad Behzadi 05.28.2017
                                  I suggest to all not to waste the time for chatting and waiting!
                                  Currently I'm using TxText Control and It's working very well!

                                • Ali Hojjati 05.28.2017
                                  Ahmad, I Know That Component. But Fortunately/Unfortunately its not a well organized component. I Just used it in one of my products and there are too many lack of features in that.
                                • Basil Baaziz 05.28.2017
                                  In DevExpress I am using HTML Editor as alternative, it is covering just a part of Rich Editor, and fully supporting Arabic no issues, but the problem that Rich Editor is main component of  other components or frameworks in example the Expression Editors, XAF , Dashboard, Report Designer, PDF, ... etc

                                  Arabic language is covering more than 600,000,000 in the world, and for me all of customers in Saudi Arabia demanding the Arabic language.

                                  For me I am ready to contribute with Devexpress to make this happened if they allow me, I already contributed in many Arabic translations in Devexpress or previously in other products.

                                  And by the way they did an outstanding job in Arabic & RTL in all components, and the output is great, but I guess they don't know. As a customer for Devexpress I am demanding on this, and all alternatives is not good enough.

                                  The last mile of Arabic language in DevExpress is adding RTL in RichEditor and Displaying Arabic in a right sort, and they will be 100% Arabic supporting for all of thier products.

                                  I attach some snapshots of Arabic Applications developed using this great tool.

                                • Bassam Abdelaal 05.29.2017
                                  @Basil Ba-aziz , fully agree with you and very nice shots , clearly you did great job into XAF localization , nice work , i repeat  with you (The last mile of Arabic language in DevExpress is adding RTL in RichEditor and Displaying Arabic in a right sort) 
                                  DevExpress did it great already in other controls so they must know exactly how to do it for the RichEditor

                                • Christoph Prinz 05.29.2017
                                  I have a set of patches that I apply to the DevExpress sources everytime a new version comes out (last time I successfully applied to patches to the 16.1 version). The patches fix some of the major problems with editing RTL and connected scripts in the RichEdit control. They are made for the WPF version of the RichEditControl, so I can't be sure if they will work for the WinForms controls. The FlowDirection property of the control has to be set to RightToLeft, for the patch to work.
                                  Note that printing RTL documents is NOT working correctly with these patches.
                                  We provided the patches years ago to DevExpress, to include them in their official builds, but they were rejected.
                                  I attach the patches to this comment if anyone wants to try them, hoping to get feedback or even suggestions on how to fix the remaining issues.
                                  Be aware that using the patches is at your own risk, as I don't guarantee that they won't break other parts of the code. For our own use case they work, except for the printing as stated above.
                                  best regards

                                • Basil Baaziz 06.07.2017
                                  Any comment from DevExpress ?
                                • Basil Baaziz 08.30.2017
                                  Why you do not estimate the cost for this request, and then request from customers who demanding on this feature to pay for it?

                                  I am willing to pay
                                • Marcin Krupa 1 02.27.2018

                                  Do you have some news regarding this functionality? Han anything changed?

                                  Thank you.
                                • Ingvar (DevExpress Support) 02.27.2018
                                  Hi Marcin,

                                  The situation is the same, and I have no news at the moment.
                                • Mohamed Al Zayani 02.27.2018
                                  I am following this thread for 5 years now. when I read some of DevExpress replies through the years, I understand that it is a work in progress and just need to wait for the release news. 

                                  A reply 3 years back: "We will not be introducing RTL in RichEditControl in the minor updates of v15.2. We are, however, keenly aware of just how needed this functionality is. Please stay tuned to our What's New announcements of future major releases to be notified when this feature is implemented."
                                • Dave Dansey 02.27.2018
                                  Hi Mohamed,

                                  I think a lot of people have been following this thread for many years!

                                  Unfortunately if you go back to just 10 months ago, Ray from DevExpress gave this (almost unbelievably sarcastic) response...

                                  "Here's where i currently stand on RTL support for our Rich Text Editor - We cannot implement the request because availability of consumers (with the ability to pay for the product) and the opportunity cost involved are oceans apart...

                                  It's terrible, I know. I wish it weren't so. "

                                  They never supplied any information about the customers who would be willing to pay for this (we were certainly never asked) or the "cost involved".  Basil has most actively tried to work with them to find solutions and even has a modified "patch version" of tweaks he's made.  We've not personally had time to pursue this further due to other commitments.  I think we have made a few sales in locations which require right-to-left... with the known limitations present, but our official stance is still that it is unsupported and we don't know when\if we'll be able to find a satisfactory solution down the line.


                                • Mohamed Al Zayani 02.27.2018
                                  I think the logic is reversed. usual you create a product or feature and market it, then you get customers.
                                  You need to invest first, then on short or long term you get your investment back.

                                  I know many vendors have RTL built in their products because Windows by default support RTL.

                                  That's just my 2 cents .
                                • Marcin Krupa 1 09.26.2018
                                  If I understand: "" correctly, DevExpress announced that 18.2 will have a support (to some degree of course) of Right-To-Left languages in XtraRichEdit (and Snap as a descendant of XtraRichEdit)....

                                  Have you all guys watching this ticket for years tried the new feature and have some comments to how reliable it is?
                                  I have made some quick tests and generally it can display Arabic, Hebrew and Persian, but I have already found some issues...

                                  Thank you.
                                • Bassam Abdelaal 11.19.2018
                                  Hello ,

                                  since RTL is now supported in just released 18.2 , this ticket is not yet updated by DX, also we want to know current limitation in current first implementation , i tried to search documentation but did not find any info 

                                  Thank you for implementing RTL at last , kindly update the ticket and tell us current limitations

                                  Thank you
                                • Ingvar (DevExpress Support) 11.19.2018

                                  Hi Bassam,

                                  We announced this feature and described the current situation in the following blog post:
                                  Office File API Subscription - v18.2 and What You Can Expect in mid-November

                                  Indeed, RichEditControl provides limited support for RTL in the current version.As we mentioned in the blog post referenced above, RTL is not supported within tables (a few other limitations also exist).

                                  At the same time, I recommend that you test v18.2 in your real applications. If you encounter any issues with RTL, submit separate tickets for each issue you faced. We will examine these scenarios and do our best to find appropriate solutions.

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