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                                • Jonatas Hudler 07.30.2014

                                  This would be great. Not sure if this is possible and/or elegant, but maybe this could be done using the "Range Bar Side-by-Side" chart, enabling the two values to be arbitrary DateTime values (BeginDate / EndDate).

                                • Maxime MERIAUX 02.19.2015

                                  what is the status on this?


                                • Alex (DevExpress Support) 02.19.2015
                                  Hi Maxime,

                                  At present, the Gantt chart type is not supported. We will update this ticket status once we make a final decision regarding this feature.
                                • Ário 02.16.2016
                                  that is really important... see attach example from excel...
                                  Our customers are asking for this
                                • T Bailey 09.07.2016
                                  We would also like to see this feature introduced.

                                  Our use case is that our software will track when certain tasks have been started/completed and the project management team would like to be able to report on the completion of these tasks in a Gantt chart so that they can compare this data to the original projections that were created during the project planning.  This also would allow them to easily identify the bottle necks of a given project during the review process so that they can look at improving that individual step.

                                  I think that a requirement would be that there would need to be 2 date fields per record so that the dashboard item could identify the start/end dates of each record.

                                • John (DevExpress Support) 09.07.2016
                                  Thank you for describing your scenario Todd,
                                  I have passed it to our R&D team for further research. Would you please clarify whether you need Task Links in your Gantt chart and what Gantt chart type is required: Side-by-Side Gantt Chart  or Overlapped Gantt Chart?
                                • T Bailey 09.16.2016
                                  Our customers stated that Task Links were needed and that Overlapped would be best.
                                • John (DevExpress Support) 09.19.2016

                                  Thank you, Todd. Would you please additionally clarify how you store Gantt chart data (arguments, values, links) in your data base? If it is possible, provide a small data sample that illustrates your data source architecture. We need this information to better understand how to implement data binding for this type of charts.

                                • T Bailey 09.19.2016
                                  For a given task id, we have multiple records that each have an entry time and exit time along with time in the given queue that they were in.  We also the next queue name & id that it was moved into next along with some additional information such as the user that moved the task.  The final record will either not have an exit time, indicating that that task is still open or not have a to queue which indicates that the task was completed.
                                • J Joubert 05.16.2018
                                  Hi Guys

                                  The Overlap Gantt chart would be a great addition to the dashboard item list. We have numerous use cases for this.
                                • SHARLENE STOUT_1 05.21.2018

                                  It would be awesome if the Gantt chart could be introduced as a capability to the web dashboard.  My goal is to make all of our interfaces dashboards but I can't without a gantt chart tool.

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