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                                  • Implement stress testing.

                                • Suneel Kuppili 1 01.06.2015

                                  Dennis, you already created this ticket almost 2 years ago. How can I expect any update in near future?

                                • Dennis (DevExpress) 01.06.2015

                                  @Suneel: This Support Center ticket represents a record in our backlog database and partially allows us to consolidate similar user requests on the subject. We neither promise implementation dates for such records (as it is not practically possible until a certain feature is planned for a specific product release, got implemented, tested, actual bits got included into the installer, tested again, documentation and demos are created and checked, etc.) nor I think it makes sense to look at the creation date and make any firm decisions based on it. My referring you to this ticket was just for informational/tracking purposes only, not to miss the boat when a new functionality is added.
                                  Product evolution is an organic process (and quite complicated, to be honest) that evolves based on the original vision, market conditions and, of course, user feedback. Most requested and popular items that make sense and are in line with the original product vision and priorities will eventually be noticed and baked into the product - at least this is how it successfully works for many our products during years. Like anything else in this world the time from the first idea to the final implementation may vary and depends on various factors.  Feel free to email us at management at devexpress dot com or contact me personally at dennis at devexpress dot com if you want to discuss this further.
                                  TestCafe is our relatively new offering. We are quite proud of it and we certainly want to improve it in the future (just check out how many enhancements were brought to its users in v14.2). Here at DevExpress we take user feedback seriously and if you have concrete business requirements for this functionality, we’d be happy to hear from you. If there are other suggestions you have on TestCafe or our other products, please let us know as well.
                                  Returning back to the subject, what about similar functionality of competing tools do you find limiting?

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                                As you probably know, TestCafe is no longer available and has been replaced by TestCafe Studio.
                                TestCafe Studio is our new cross-platform IDE for end-to-end web testing.
                                At the moment, we don't have any immediate plans to implement this functionality.