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                                  • Office 2013 style
                                    only slightly resembles Ms Office 2013 - was it based on early beta? - please fix this differences as they
                                    look so ugly !!!

                                    See attached png comparing office and Devexpress style.
                                    BTW do you plan to add additional Office Backgrounds and Office Styles as can be found in the Office Account Backstage menu?

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                                • Prism Software 06.04.2013

                                  I have similar issues with Office2013 Theme. Not sure when DevExpress team is going to fix these issues. How do I change office203 theme accent colors? The controls added in ribbon header can only be small size where in office 2013 User Image size is big.

                                • Yulia (DevExpress Support) 06.05.2013

                                  Hi Michael,
                                  Thank you for your input. Our developers are still working on the suggested features. We are considering which of them can be implemented in the near future.
                                  Regarding your question about a large image in the Ribbon page group header, I have added a note to implement it. Please refer to the Provide the capability to specify a large image for a bar button item in the Ribbon page group header for the Office2013 Ribbon style like Office 2013 behaves thread to know about our progress with this feature.

                                • Denis Sikic 09.27.2013

                                  I've tried to change the colors using the skin editor (about 6 months ago, maybe things have changed) and it was a big pain. All of these little details in the PNG would be wonderful because even though each one is minor, when you put them together it looks very sharp!
                                  Can you even hint at a timeframe? A month, 6 months, a year?

                                • Maxim (DevExpress Support) 09.30.2013

                                  Although I cannot provide you with an estimate for the introduction of this functionality, I can say that we are keenly aware of just how needed it is. In fact, once these features are implemented, you will be automatically notified. Thank you kindly for your input on our product.

                                • Licensing 1 01.08.2014

                                  Without this coloring feature, the Office 2013 skins are just usable for one single application but not for application suites since the users cannot distinguish between them. Choosing different skins like Office 2013 and Office 2010 within an application suite is not really an option.
                                  Please note, that this is true for the Visual Studio 2013 skins as well (at least the dark and the light ones). Additionally this applies to the Metropolis skins as well but they're so close to the Office 2013 skins that I could do without it.
                                  Please don't forget to include the form borders while implementing the color schemes.

                                • Alisher (DevExpress Support) 01.09.2014

                                  Hi Andreas,
                                  The colorizing mechanism of the Office 2013 is different than Office 2010, and a larger number of elements is involved. Due to performance reasons we're investigating optimal ways of implementing these schemes. You'll notified of our progress.

                                • Licensing 1 01.10.2014

                                  Hi Alisher,
                                  yes, I know. There are more color dependent elements in 2013 than they were in 2010 (not just the application button and the backstack area). Therefore I was leaving the comment above to not forget thinks like the borders and even other skins like the ones for Visual Studio 2013.

                                • Denis Sikic 01.10.2014

                                  Alisher, are you investigating ways to implement all of the cosmetic changes outlined in the author's attachment, or just the colors? I think there are a lot of us hoping this gets done, and it would be nice if we could manage our expectations. I don't see you guys being able to fix all of the issues with a skin, but I could be wrong.

                                • Alisher (DevExpress Support) 01.13.2014

                                  Hi Denis and Andreas,
                                  We're investigating possibilities of implementing all cases that Tomasz described. And you're right, not all of them can be easily implemented, but we are doing our best to introduce them.

                                • Thierry Knijff 03.11.2014

                                  Hi Alisher,
                                  Is there some progress achieved on the issues mentioned by Tomasz?
                                  When will this fixes become available? I am currently using a trial version of 13.2.7
                                  Kind regards,
                                  Thierry Knijff
                                  Software Engineer

                                • Nikita (DevExpress Support) 03.12.2014

                                  We are going to implement these improvements and currently working on it. However, I cannot provide any time frames for this task. We appreciate your patience.

                                • Thierry Knijff 03.12.2014

                                  Hi Nikita,
                                  Thank you for this information and have a great day!
                                  Kind regards,

                                • Denis Sikic 03.12.2014

                                  Hi Nikita,
                                  I understand that it may not make the cut in 14.1. But I'm just wondering when the first release usually comes out. Is it June, or July?

                                • Nikita (DevExpress Support) 03.13.2014

                                  Last year, we released the major version in May. It is difficult to provide precise time frames, but we are planning to release it approximately at the same time this year.

                                • Thierry Knijff 06.13.2014

                                  Hi Nikita,
                                  I have upgraded our project to the new major version of DevExpress 14.1.
                                  Unfortunately, I didn't see the suggested fixes mentioned by Tomasz, such as:
                                  - different looking 'close', 'maximize', 'minimize' buttons
                                  - hide button of the ribbon is placed on the wrong place
                                  - separator after the application icon is not removed
                                  - no shadow around the focused window is added
                                  Extra feature which is available in Office 2013 'Ribbon Display Options' which offers the following options:
                                  - Auto-hide Ribbon
                                  - Show Tabs
                                  - Show Tabs and Commands
                                  I hope to hear soon from you.
                                  Kind regards,

                                • Svetlana (DevExpress Support) 06.16.2014


                                  Let me answer you step by step.

                                  1. I see that the first shortcoming still exists. I will forward it to our designers in a new ticket .

                                  2. In addition, I will pass the second issue to our R&D team in a separate ticket .

                                  3, 4. I have created special tickets to discuss these shortcomings. Refer to the RibbonControl - A separator after the application icon is shown and   RibbonForm - No shadow is shown threads.

                                  5. As for a context menu with three options, at present we do not have one. We have plans to implement this menu in the future. You will receive a notification when it is implemented.

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