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                                • Dennis (DevExpress) 12.18.2012

                                  BTW, to temporarily make it work in the middle-tier scenario,

                                  1. you need to ensure that both client and server applications use the same version of generated domain components. To do this, copy the generated DcAssembly.dll file from the client application (it is generated in the Release mode near the executable file by default) into the Bin folder of your server application and also override the GetXXXPath methods of the ServerApplication class as follows:
                                  public class ConsoleApplicationServerServerApplication : ServerApplication { private string applicationFolder; public ConsoleApplicationServerServerApplication() { applicationFolder = PathHelper.GetApplicationFolder(); // Change the ServerApplication.ApplicationName property value. It should be the same as your client application name. this.ApplicationName = "SecuritySystemExample"; // Add your client application's modules to the ServerApplication.Modules collection here. this.Modules.Add(new SystemWindowsFormsModule()); this.Modules.Add(new SystemAspNetModule()); this.Modules.Add(new SecuritySystemExampleModule()); this.Modules.Add(new SecurityModule()); } protected override void OnDatabaseVersionMismatch(DevExpress.ExpressApp.DatabaseVersionMismatchEventArgs args) { args.Updater.Update(); args.Handled = true; } protected override void CreateDefaultObjectSpaceProvider(CreateCustomObjectSpaceProviderEventArgs args) { args.ObjectSpaceProvider = new XPObjectSpaceProvider(args.ConnectionString, args.Connection); } protected override string GetDcAssemblyFilePath() { return Path.Combine(applicationFolder, DcAssemblyFileName); } protected override string GetModelAssemblyFilePath() { return Path.Combine(applicationFolder, ModelAssemblyFileName); } protected override string GetModulesVersionInfoFilePath() { return Path.Combine(applicationFolder, ModulesVersionInfoFileName); } }

                                  So, this suggestion is mainly about improving usability in this scenario and also ensuring that there are no other technical issues so far.
                                  2) You can use a solution posted by Daniel Großer in Security - Support domain components in the new security system (Client-Side UI and Integrated modes).

                                • Arjan van Dijk 12.18.2012

                                  thx Dennis,
                                  is there a way to figure out the path of the DcAssembly?

                                • Dennis (DevExpress) 12.18.2012

                                  The DcAssembly.dll file is generated in the Release mode near the executable file by default.

                                • Steven Rasmussen 05.29.2013

                                  Is this going to make it in the 13.1 release? This really should have been in 12.2 along with the UI and Integrated modes but I sure hope it makes it into 13.1.

                                • Ilya P (DevExpress) 05.30.2013

                                  This suggestion is not implemented in the 13.1 version. You can add this ticket to your favorites to be automatically notified in case of any progress. Now you can use solutions from the comments above.

                                • Stanislaw Tristan 11.30.2013

                                  Can I ask about the status of this suggestion?

                                • Dennis (DevExpress) 12.01.2013

                                  @Stanislaw: This suggestion is still active and you can currently use the solutions described above. We will update this ticket once we come with a simpler solution for this particular scenario.

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