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                                • Franky Brandt 11.22.2012

                                  I am not sure if i am meant to comment here or make a new support ticket.
                                  According to the 'whats new' on the recent beta build 12.2.1 editing on server mode should now be possible.
                                  I realise this is a beta but wanted to let you know that i tried it and it doesn't work here yet(again, i'm not sure if this is already fully functional since it is a beta version)
                                  I did spot the new properties on the servermodeView level, set them all to true but i can't edit any of the data, also the connected cxNavigator shows the delete and insert buttons as disabled.
                                  Should this be fully functional in the 12.2.1 beta?

                                • Alex M (DevExpress) 11.22.2012

                                  Make certain that the following requirements are met:
                                   - You are using a table-based server mode data source - either TdxServerModeADODataSource or TdxServerModeDBXDataSource;
                                   - The data source is connected to a table rather than a view.

                                • Franky Brandt 11.22.2012

                                  Hi Alex, thanks for your response.
                                  You are right, if i use a TdxServerModeDBXDataSource it works, i was using the new TdxServerModeDBXQueryDataSource assuming editing would be possible on both.
                                  Will this be possible with the TdxServerModeDBXQueryDataSource in the final version of 12.2.1?

                                • Alex M (DevExpress) 11.22.2012

                                  To my regret, no. As with the standard TSQLQuery component, TdxServerModeDBXQueryDataSource does not provide built-in editing capabilities.

                                • Franky Brandt 11.23.2012

                                  Okay thanks for your response, good to know.
                                  I think many people will be dissapointed not having built in editing with the new query component; not a big problem for me because i don't actually want to use the editing but just wanted to insert and delete buttons in the navigator enabled and perform the actions myself from code when they are clicked but i already made a workaround for that with custombuttons in the navigator.

                                • Alex M (DevExpress) 11.26.2012

                                  It's good to hear you have found a workaround. We'll discuss with our developers what can be done to address the limitation. Clearly, there has to be a way (like events) to execute custom SQL statements in response to grid record operations.

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                                Implementation Details:
                                With VCL 12.2, you can allow your end-users to add or remove records in server mode as well as edit records in-place when binding to data in server mode. These capabilities are available only in table-based server mode data sources (TdxServerModeADODataSource and TdxServerModeDBXDataSource) connected to database tables. You can set the data source's ReadOnly property to False to disable these capabilities in a linked server mode View.