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                                  • Hi
                                    Since you guys will be providing us with new template for xaf this year, it will be good if one of them will be aim to be small screen device such as mobile.

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                                The highly anticipated Mobile UI support in the eXpressApp Framework is available as a Preview version in the latest minor build - v15.2.9. The new functionality lets you leverage existing business logic code and easily create iOS and Android apps in addition to existing WinForms and ASP.NET UI options.
                                The mobile apps will reuse the database, certain aspects of the data model, application logic and UI settings from your existing XAF applications. The eXpressApp Framework will also generate the default UI and will let you enable key modules, such as Security. All that combined will save you days or weeks of development time compared to writing a mobile app from scratch.

                                The XAF team would love it if you try the new feature and share your feedback with us. The following resources will help you get started:
                                    Review Online Demo
                                    Follow a Step-by-Step Tutorial
                                    Read Frequently Asked Questions
                                Should you have any issues, the Support Team is always here to help. Once you're successfully through the tutorial, we ask that you fill out a formal feedback survey.

                                Hello Jaspreet,
                                Thank you for your suggestion and attaching your screenshot.
                                >>Since you guys will be providing us with new template for xaf this year
                                Would you please elaborate more on this? If possible, provide us with a link to the source.
                                As for mobile template, yes, I cannot say that we are not looking into providing comprehensive solutions for mobile devices for our clients. However, since we can neither give you exact ETA for releasing such a mobile solution nor can we tell you whether this solution will be based on the current technologies used in XAF(or whether it will be a XAF-based or a more lightweight solution), I would like to convert your Suggestion into a Question, without assigning any statuses, because they may mislead our users.
                                However, anyone interested in this topic may track this ticket and it is possible that we will post our updates to it in the future.
                                See Also:
                                Separate Web Application For Mobile Issues

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                                • Dennis (DevExpress) 09.26.2012
                                • Robert Fuchs 09.26.2012

                                  As you answered a XAF question, I assume that there will be a "DXTREME for eXpressApp Framework" or "eXpressApp Framework for DXTREME".

                                • Dennis (DevExpress) 09.26.2012

                                  At this point, DXTREME is in a public preview. We currently don’t have support for DXTREME through XAF. We look forward to your feedback on our preview. See also my answer at DXTREME XAF Support.

                                • Robert Fuchs 09.27.2012

                                  Hi Dennis,

                                  LOL, of course I know that currently there is no support for DXTREME through XAF.

                                  I just wanted to know whether this is planned for the future, maybe 13.1 in CTP and 13.2 in RTM?

                                • Dennis (DevExpress) 09.27.2012

                                  I am not sure I can compose this better than I already did in the link I gave you:
                                  "We will certainly think of integrating DXTREME with our other products, where it makes sense and is technically possible. In any event, I am afraid it is too premature to discuss any plans in this regard, as DXTREME has not been even released yet. So, please stay tuned to related announcements on our website. Your feedback on early DXTREME preview is always welcome!"

                                  Let's see what develops:-)

                                • Robert Fuchs 09.27.2012

                                  > Let's see what develops:-)

                                  Hopefully a lot ;-)

                                • Marco Kummer 12.06.2012

                                  Hello Jaspreet

                                  Did you ever get your mobile template to work? Would you be willing to share its source with the community? I'm currently trying to achieve the same thing for tablets (iPad etc) but I'm currently stuck since creating custom XAF web templates from scratch is not well documented.


                                • Dennis (DevExpress) 12.17.2012