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                                  • It would be helpful to have a generic "File_Click" event that would return the name of the file clicked to the server.

                                • 11.28.2010

                                  Also want to mention I would also like to be able to hide the folder list.

                                • Andy Tr (DevExpress) 05.17.2011

                                  Implementation Details:
                                  - A server SelectedFileOpened event has been added. It allows you to implement server-side processing of a selected file when an end-user tries to open it by double-clicking it or pressing the Enter key.
                                  - A new processOnServer property has been added to an argument of the client-side SelectedFileOpened event. Using this property you can control whether or not user action handling should be passed to the server for further processing.
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                                  DevExpress ASP.NET Team

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