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                                  • Hello.
                                    I have application where I use TcxDBTreeList. I have info about color and text of bands in database (each band have unique ID in database with corresponding data).
                                    I have problem with RestoreFromRegistry function. There is problem that RestoreFromRegistry do not restore ID of band. I thinked that it can be corrected by using OnGetStoredPropertyValue and OnSetStoredPropertyValue. But TcxTreeListBand.ID is read only property. So I cannot set this value. So finally I need some "changeable ID". I change TcxTreeListBand and give property Tag: Integer to it. After some small reprograming everything works correctly and I can succesfully restore color and text for each band from database.
                                    It would be helpful if you put property tag in TcxTreeListBand. So I do not need to change your resources with each release.
                                    Proposed Solution:
                                    Put property tag:integer to class TcxTreeListBand.

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                                • Wodzu 12.13.2012

                                  Hello DevExpress team.

                                  Three years have passed since that suggestion has been raised. Don't you think it is time to implement thi functionality?

                                  Thank you.

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 12.17.2012

                                  Thank you for your interest in this functionality. The development process does not depend on the date when a suggestion was created. Anyway, I will remind our developers about it.

                                • BORIS KALISCH 06.25.2013

                                  I try to open this ticket once again. We buy latest version of components - 12.2.6. And property tag is still not implemented. Is it possible to put it in next version?
                                  BTW I use tag in place of id. Because Tree do not store and restore id when using RestoreFromRegistry (unlike TcxDBGrid - there is ID saved into registry in grid). And Tree have a lot of problems with RestoreFromRegistry like switching bands. I think that problem is that you do not work internally with unique id of band. The best solution for me is unify behaviour of tree and grid. And put id of bands into registry in SaveToRegistry and RestroreFromRegistry.

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 06.25.2013

                                  This feature is not planned for VCL 13.1. Perhaps, our custom properties storing functionality (the OnGetStoredProperties, OnGetStoredPropertyValue and OnSetStoredPropertyValue events) can help you accomplish the task manually.

                                • BORIS KALISCH 06.26.2013

                                  No, OnGetStoredPropertyValue and OnSetStoredPropertyValue do not help me. Because id property is read only. So
                                  procedure TFormTree.OnSetStoredPropertyValue(Sender: TObject;
                                    const AName: String; const AValue: Variant);
                                    if Sender is TcxTreeListBand then begin
                                      if AName = 'Id' then begin
                                        TcxTreeListBand(Sender).Id := AValue;
                                  Does not work. Is any way how store and restore from registry?

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 06.26.2013

                                  I am afraid it is not possible to define the ID property. It is derived from the TCollectionItem class and can be set only via the TCollection.InsertItem method. So we do not have a solution for this task for now.

                                • BORIS KALISCH 07.12.2013

                                  This is just theory. But it looks that SaveToRegistry and RestoreFromRegistry works correctly in TCxGrid. It save and load id withought problem.
                                  IMHO it can work. You can save id into registry in tree. And when restoring, you find band with that id and apply other properties on that band.
                                  May be that is correct solution for different problem:

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