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                                  • In most tabbed GUIs (VS, any web browser, etc), the user can middle-click a tab to close it.
                                    Proposed Solution:
                                    Allow end-users to close MDI tab on middle-click.
                                    Here is the necessary code:
                                              private void tabbedMdi_MouseUp(object sender, MouseEventArgs e) {
                                                   if (e.Button == MouseButtons.Middle) {
                                                        var hitInfo = tabbedMdi.CalcHitInfo(e.Location);
                                                        if (hitInfo.InPageCloseButton) return;
                                                        var tab = hitInfo.Page as XtraMdiTabPage;
                                                        if (tab == null) return;
                                    EDIT: It should actually be done on MouseUp.

                                • Schabse Laks 11.07.2009

                                  EDIT: It should actually be done on MouseUp.

                                • Dmitry G (DevExpress) 05.30.2011

                                  We have added a new XtraTabConrol.TabMiddleClick event that will allow you to close tab pages on middle button clicking.
                                  By default, this event doesn't fire. To enable this event, set the new XtraTabControl.TabMiddleClickFiringMode property to MouseUp or MouseDown.
                                  For XtraTabbedMdiManager/DocumentManager components, tab closing is automatically supported. You can control this behavior via the CloseTabOnMiddleClick property.

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