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                                  • I would like to request an official opinion from the xaf developers regarding the comments in the thread:
                                    My opinion is that while xaf, xpo, Oliver et al promote and champion OO pursuits, the ui is falling short on allowing us to actually let our users intelligently interact with our models without clumsy additional entities created *just* to allow the ui to function. I have outlined a simple partial solution within the thread, but to summarize:
                                    We need a flag on a BO that extends a parent. This flag lets the ui present a dropdown of existing parents, with custom filtering to meet requirements. If a selection is made then the OID of the parent record is set into the to-be-created child and the UI will then present all the info from the parent that we set via the model editor as per standard procedures. This parent info can be set read-only if requirements call for this level of protection.
                                    If no selection is made from the existing parent ndropdown, then all attributes and bizrules are used as normal, with the parent and child being created as normal.
                                    This is what OO is all about, and to have to create roles and categories and extra filtering and hardcoding to manage ui issues that are already outlined in the datamodel goes against what xaf seems to be all about. This is generic behaviour and will go along way to making xaf more generally consumable.
                                    I am prepared to be flexible in this issue, but at the moment, i feel justified in my stance. thanks kindly, drew..

                                • Dennis (DevExpress) 03.20.2008

                                  Hi Drew,
                                  Thank you for contacting us.
                                  I forwarded his request to Oliver, and you'll receive a detailed reply to your question within the next few days (probably sometime next week).
                                  Thank you for your patience,

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