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                                  • Hi,

                                    I 'm looking for a way to enlarge the width of a TcxSpinEdit spin buttons to make them usable for touch UI. The spin edit is drawn skinned using a derivate of Office2013White skin.

                                    A fisrt step was to set spin buttons position to sbpHorzLeftRight. But also this cannot be handled fine by touch, so I looked for a way to modify the width of the buttons. But whatever I did, it does not worked: spin buttons hold their size. What steps are needed on skin definition to enlarge the width of the buttons? Or more better, can this be done by code (as the width has to adjust in hidh DPI systems too)?

                                    Thank you!

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                                Hello Oliver,
                                You can change the width of the TcxSpinEdit's spin buttons using the following approach:

                                with <AcxSpinEdit>.Properties.Buttons do begin Items[0].Width := <New width>; Items[1].Width := <New width>; end;

                                I hope that this information is helpful.
                                If you wish to enlarge spin buttons in the TcxSpinEdit controls when the TcxSpinEdit.SpinButtons.Position property is sbpHorzLeftRight, you need to create an editor's descendant and override the TcxSpinEditViewData's CalculateButtonsBounds procedure. Please take a look at the attachment.

                                • Oliver Grahl 03.21.2014

                                  Hi Mikhail,
                                  the problem is: this approach do not work for me. I have attached you a sample which I used to test. Maybe you can modify this sample to make it work (let the spin buttons double it's width, when the button is pressed).

                                • Mikhail (DevExpress Support) 03.24.2014

                                  Thank you for the sample. I've updated my answer.

                                • Frederic Vancraeyveldt 04.30.2019

                                  Hello Oliver,

                                  This sample does not work for me (devex 18.2.4)
                                  Pressing the button does not enlarge


                                • Mikhail (DevExpress Support) 04.30.2019


                                  Try using the project from the Answer section. It works on my side without problems (VCL 18.2.6).