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                                  • Hello support team,

                                    we have following problem when using new form layout control in a Html.BeginForm.

                                    If we want to have the client side validation for the fom controls (this are DevExpress text controls) like in the following example:

                                    @{ Html.EnableClientValidation(); } @using (Html.BeginForm("EditCustomerAddress", "Customer", new {id = 1}, FormMethod.Post, new {@class = "aui"})) { @Html.AntiForgeryToken() <label>Customer</label> @Html.DevExpress().TextBoxFor(c => c.Name, settings => { settings.ShowModelErrors = true; settings.Width = 200; settings.Properties.ValidationSettings.ErrorTextPosition = ErrorTextPosition.Right; settings.Properties.ValidationSettings.ErrorDisplayMode = ErrorDisplayMode.ImageWithText; }).GetHtml() @Html.DevExpress().Button( settings => { settings.Name = "btnSend2"; settings.Text = @ViewRes.Customer.CommandSave; settings.UseSubmitBehavior = true; }).GetHtml() }

                                    then it works fine. The form does NOT submit to controller and error messages are showing as expected.

                                    Now, if we want to use the new form layout for positioning the controls, the validation still works, but the form submits despite errors to controller .

                                    the code used to layout controls--->
                                    @{ Html.EnableClientValidation(); } @using (Html.BeginForm("EditCustomerAddress", "Customer", new {id = 1}, FormMethod.Post, new {@class = "aui"})) { @Html.DevExpress().FormLayout(settings => { settings.Name = "formLayout"; settings.AlignItemCaptionsInAllGroups = true; var addressGroupItem = settings.Items.AddGroupItem(itemSettings => { itemSettings.Caption = ViewRes.Customer.TabpageAdresseHeadline; itemSettings.GroupBoxDecoration = GroupBoxDecoration.HeadingLine; }); Action<MVCxFormLayoutItem> textBoxSettingsMethod = (item) => { item.NestedExtensionType = FormLayoutNestedExtensionItemType.TextBox; var tbSettings = (TextBoxSettings)item.NestedExtensionSettings; tbSettings.Properties.ValidationSettings.ErrorTextPosition = ErrorTextPosition.Right; tbSettings.Properties.ValidationSettings.ErrorDisplayMode = ErrorDisplayMode.ImageWithText; tbSettings.ShowModelErrors = true; item.NestedExtensionSettings.Width = Unit.Pixel(370); }; addressGroupItem.Items.Add(e => e.Name, textBoxSettingsMethod); addressGroupItem.Items.Add(e => e.Telefon, set => { set.Caption = @ViewRes.Customer.LabelFon; set.NestedExtensionSettings.Width = Unit.Pixel(370); }); addressGroupItem.Items.Add(e => e.Fax, set => { set.Caption = @ViewRes.Customer.LabelFax; set.NestedExtensionSettings.Width = Unit.Pixel(370); }); settings.Items.Add(itemSettings => { itemSettings.ShowCaption = DefaultBoolean.False; itemSettings.HorizontalAlign = FormLayoutHorizontalAlign.Right; itemSettings.Width = 150; itemSettings.NestedExtensionType = FormLayoutNestedExtensionItemType.Button; var btnSettings = (ButtonSettings) itemSettings.NestedExtensionSettings; btnSettings.Name = "applyButtonCustomer"; btnSettings.Text = @ViewRes.Customer.CommandAenderungenSpeichern; btnSettings.UseSubmitBehavior = true; }); }).GetHtml() }
                                    Thanks in advance


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                                Hello Alexander,

                                We are aware of this issue. In fact, it was already fixed in the context of the FormLayout - Unobtrusive validation doesn't work for automatically created items ticket. I suggest that you download the hotfix from that ticket.

                                If you need additional product information, write to us at or call us at +1 (818) 844-3383

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