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                                  • Our existing Crystal Reports make heavy use of subreports, and one thing that we have done is set a fixed width/height to a subreport by setting its CanGrow property to false.

                                    There doesn't seem to be a useable CanGrow property on an XRSubreport control. Is there any way we can make a sub-report stay within a fixed size?

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                                Hi George,

                                At present, this functionality is not supported. We have added to this feature to our To-Do list (see XRSubreport - How to enable CanShrink and CanGrow feature) and will update the corresponding ticket status once we make a final decision. Should you need further clarification, feel free to ask.

                                • George Faraj 10.02.2013

                                  Just wondering, considering that fixed size sub-reports are not available today, can XtraReports be used to create the report that I have attached below? This report must adhere to this specific format regardless of the data.

                                • Hi George,

                                  I have examined your PDF file. I think you can either create the whole report manually and avoid using DataBindings (see How to create a report dynamically and Runtime table creation best practices (iterative approach)) or use XRSubreports. The latter case implies that you fix the page size of all subreports (set the PaperKind to Custom, all margins to 0, and PageHeight and PageWidth properties to required bounds). In case of single-page subreports, the main report will be generated as displayed in your PDF file.

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