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                                    Since XE5 has just been released and new version 2013 1.4 is being cooked, is there a chance that next version will support XE5 version of Delphi or we will have to wait month or two like last year?


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                                • rvp71 09.11.2013

                                  Good question. We just Switch to the new XE5 too.

                                • Jerry Langland 09.11.2013

                                  :) Agreed....

                                  But, we gotta be fair to DX....these Embarcadero guys are going a little bit nuts on the release cycle...
                                  I just this week finally got EVERYTHING, all my components from history installed and working in XE 4....

                                  I can only imagine the DX Developers and Testers pulling their hair out...

                                  It's not even 6 months yet...

                                • Marcin Bury 09.11.2013

                                  I've read feature matrix to see what's new in XE5 for VCL and Windows application. The only thing I've found is some improvements to LiveBindings. Other stuff is for FMX and multiplatform that DX does not support. Considering that DX Developers and Testers received their XE5 month ago or earlier, they know exactly where they are, and what I ask is to share this knowledge....

                                • Jerry Langland 09.12.2013

                                  That's my suspicion; I did note that a few things have changed units, but that's it.
                                  I do, however expect they'll want to run a full set of compatibility tests before a non-beta release claiming "fully supported"

                                • Jerry Langland 09.12.2013

                                  Actually, if nothing much has changed, then with the source code, one can, if things are simple enough, recompile in XE5. without waiting for the next release.

                                  On some upgrades, I have/had been able to do this with only minor changes needed. Other version upgrades have not been so simple. Of the three or four times I've tried this, I know for a fact I succeeded at least once, and failed at least once.

                                • rvp71 10.04.2013

                                  Hey, the XE5 Release is available. Thanks for the fast work!

                                • You are always welcome.

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                                I cannot say for sure that XE5 support will be ready in VCL 13.1.4, but we will do our best to finish converting and testing by the release time.

                                • Stefan Diestelmann 09.18.2013

                                  I just upgraded ther and a little in cxDate... to get it compile.
                                  But now the Components have Problem in dxBar displaying the MainMenu correctly.

                                  I'd like to get the XE5 update as soon as possible to switch my IDE.


                                • Michael Tietz 09.24.2013

                                  This is not a solution. Give us a time horizon.

                                  Emil Atanasov

                                • I am afraid we do not have any ETA for now. We are still working on VCL 13.1.4 and my estimations may be misleading.
                                  We appreciate your patience.

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