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                                  • Hi,
                                    Please tell me how to add a calender picker for a column in mvc Grid.

                                    settings.Columns.Add("Transaction"); <bold><italic>I want a date picker here</italic></bold> settings.Columns.Add("Date"); settings.Columns.Add("Amount"); settings.Columns.Add("ID"); <bold><italic> Here i added a ComboBox (down) </italic></bold> settings.Columns.Add(column => { column.Caption = "Category"; column.FieldName = "CategoryID"; column.ColumnType = MVCxGridViewColumnType.ComboBox; var comboBoxProperties = column.PropertiesEdit as ComboBoxProperties; comboBoxProperties.DataSource = ViewBag.Categories; comboBoxProperties.TextField = "Name"; comboBoxProperties.ValueField = "ID"; comboBoxProperties.ValueType = typeof(int); column.CellStyle.Wrap = DefaultBoolean.False; });

                                    how can i add a DatePicker like i added a comboBox. Please see my screenhot also

                                • Grizell 09.09.2013

                                  Sorry for this question.I founded the solution,I cant delete this unwanted qestion

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                                This is the code for making a field on a grid a calender

                                settings.Columns.Add(column => { column.Caption = "Date"; column.FieldName = "Date"; column.ColumnType = MVCxGridViewColumnType.DateEdit; var DateEditProperties = column.PropertiesEdit as DateEditProperties; column.CellStyle.Wrap = DefaultBoolean.False; }); setting

                                • Mike King 10 09.13.2013

                                  Thank you for posting your solution !

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