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                                    I created a subreport that contains the header of the documents so I can reuse it every documents in my application.
                                    One of my Customer needs to have 2 different header and be able to choose wich one he will print.

                                    I would like to know how I can dynamically load a subreport in a script of my main report.

                                    Many thanks in advance,


                                • Thomas Vetterling 07.07.2013

                                  For selecting the 'kind' of subreport you could use XtraReport-Parameter (that is problematic with ASPx) or a ReportParametersObject descandent (here you would have to show a detailview of the ReportParametersObject before printing).
                                  Finally you have to handle the reports Before_Print Event to change the 'SourceUrl' of the subreport acording your parameter.

                                • Yes, I agree that approach suggested by Thomas Vetterling is appropriate to accomplish this task. Please contact us if you experience any further difficulties.

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                                The answer from Thomas works like a charm.
                                But be carefull to use the BeforePrint event of the report and not the one of the band where the subreport is in.

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