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                                  • We currently have a report with a Gantt chart showing one solid bar for each "resource" that is associated with a "task". One of our customers has asked us to allow them to specify groups of resources for a task (in addition to the individual resources with separate bars) and to show a stripe within the bar for each resource within the group. A bar might have a single color (for one resource) or it might have two, three or more parallel stripes running the length of the bar for a group of resources. Is this possible?

                                    I am attaching a mock-up of a chart in case my explanation is not clear.

                                    Thank you.


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                                Our ChartControl does not provide such a functionality. The only possible solution is to draw required stripes manually, in the CustomPaint event handler. To determine the required coordinates use DiagramToPoint and PointTodiagram methods.

                                • Neal Kaloupek 07.16.2013


                                  I eventually got this working after roughly 16 hours' work searching online and doing a lot of stumbling. To be honest your reply could have been more helpful if you had given more references, a code sample or other guidance - especially since there is no program code or example referenced from any of the links that you provided.

                                  For the benefit of anyone who wants to do something similar, I found the following to be helpful:
                                   (How to convert axis values of series points into screen coordinates)
                                   (Bar width in pixels )

                                  Following is a portion of my program code. Outside of this code I have a dictionary of Resource => Color and I have put the Resource name(s) into the Series.Point.Argument, prefixed by a "!". Multiple resource names are separated by commas:

                                   private void xrChartGantt_CustomPaint(object sender, CustomPaintEventArgs e)
                                              List<Color> rectangleColorList = new List<Color>();
                                              int barWidth = 0;
                                              int partialBarWidth = 0;

                                              XRChart chart = (XRChart)sender;
                                              Series series = chart.Series[0];

                                              for (int i = 0; i < series.Points.Count; i++)
                                                  if (series.Points[i].Argument.Substring(series.Points[i].Argument.IndexOf('!') + 1).Contains(','))
                                                      string[] resourceNames = series.Points[i].Argument.Substring(series.Points[i].Argument.IndexOf('!') + 1).Split(new char[] { ',' });
                                                      List<string> resourceList = new List<string>();
                                                      for (int j = 0; j < resourceNames.Count(); j++)
                                                          resourceNames[j] = resourceNames[j].Trim();
                                                          // Only keep resources that aren't filtered out
                                                          if (dictResourceColor.ContainsKey(resourceNames[j]))

                                                      ControlCoordinates cc1 = ((XYDiagram2D)chart.Diagram).DiagramToPoint(series.Points[0].Argument, series.Points[0].Values[0]);
                                                      ControlCoordinates cc2 = null;
                                                      if (series.Points.Count > 1)
                                                          cc2 = ((XYDiagram2D)chart.Diagram).DiagramToPoint(series.Points[1].Argument, series.Points[1].Values[0]);
                                                      // If there's one point, calculate the bar width using double its Y position; otherwise use the difference between the first and second points
                                                      barWidth = Convert.ToInt32(Math.Round((series.Points.Count <= 1 ? cc1.Point.Y * 2 : (cc2.Point.Y - cc1.Point.Y)) * ((OverlappedGanttSeriesView)chart.Series[0].View).BarWidth, 0));
                                                      partialBarWidth = barWidth / resourceList.Count();

                                                      // Get right and left points for the bar
                                                      ControlCoordinates ccLeft = ((XYDiagram2D)chart.Diagram).DiagramToPoint(series.Points[i].Argument, series.Points[i].Values[0]);
                                                      ControlCoordinates ccRight = ((XYDiagram2D)chart.Diagram).DiagramToPoint(series.Points[i].Argument, series.Points[i].Values[1]);

                                                      // Go through resources and create a rectangle for each.
                                                      for (int j = 0; j < resourceList.Count(); j++)
                                                          // Point.Y is the middle of the axis point. Start the rectangle half a bar width above that.
                                                          Point upperLeft = new Point(ccLeft.Point.X, ccLeft.Point.Y - barWidth / 2 + partialBarWidth * j);
                                                          Rectangle r = new Rectangle(upperLeft, new Size(ccRight.Point.X - ccLeft.Point.X, partialBarWidth));
                                                          e.Graphics.DrawRectangle(new Pen(this.dictResourceColor[resourceList[j]]), r);
                                                          SolidBrush brush = new SolidBrush(this.dictResourceColor[resourceList[j]]);
                                                          e.Graphics.FillRectangle(brush, r);

                                • Thank you for your sample code. I believe that it will be helpful to our customers.

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