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                                  • Hello,

                                    I'm trying to get the dirrections to get from point A to point B using the dxMaps. Is there a method I can call to get this information?


                                • Marion (DevExpress Support) 06.19.2013

                                  Hello Jose,

                                  I am afraid I do not quite understand what direction you mean. Would you please provide me with a screenshot that illustrates how this design looks like with a Google map?

                                • Kevin Squires 06.20.2013

                                  Essencially Im trying to get the driving directions from point A to point B.

                                  See attachment

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                                Use the addRoute(routeOptions, callback) method to add a direction. For example:

                                map.addRoute({ locations: [{ lat: viewModel.latA(), lng: viewModel.lngA() }, { lat: viewModel.latB(), lng: viewModel.lngB() }] });
                                • Kevin Squires 06.28.2013

                                  Perfect thank you.

                                • Marion (DevExpress Support) 06.30.2013

                                  You are welcome!