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                                  • Hello,

                                    you recently added a "DX Image Gallery" in the image picker. This tool is very fine and useful, but I would have liked icons in 48*48 and 24*24. Screens become larger every year and I think 32*32 and moreover 16*16 have become too small for today's screens. Do you plan to give us bigger icons in a future release ?

                                    Yours sincerely,

                                • Maxim (DevExpress Support) 06.07.2013

                                  Hi Rocco,
                                  Thank you for your advice. I have passed this topic to our developer team. We are going to research the capability to implement this feature in the future.
                                  We will notify you of all changes in this thread.

                                • Rocco Benoit 06.07.2013

                                  Thank you very much, I hope to hear from you soon.

                                • Christopher Todd 03.29.2015

                                  I thought I would bump this up. Please vote it up.

                                • Alexey Z (DevExpress Support) 03.30.2015


                                  Thank you for your feedback. We greatly appreciate your opinion. Add this thread to your Favorites to be notified of our results.

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