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                                  • Hi

                                    We are having a page, heavily loaded with devexpress comboboxes in a gridview. And that gridview is inside the detail row of a master gridview. On the change of values in master gridview, values of comboboxes of inner gridview gets changed using the callback but it takes too long. And due to the default settings of dom.max_script_run_time at client machine, it starts giving the message that "A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding.".
                                    Can I change the value of "dom.max_script_run_time" using javascript or can do something that can hide this message to get displayed.


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                                Hello Neeraj,

                                I am afraid you can't change dom.max_script_run_time using javascript. Please refer to the How to programatically change config dom.max_script_run_time value article to learn more about this.

                                However, I suggest you read our Performance - How to improve the page rendering speed KB article to learn how to improve page performance.

                                • Neeraj Kumar 10 05.31.2013

                                  Hello Artem

                                  Thanks for your valuable reply. But I have already followed all the recommendations to improve the performance give in the article you suggested. But nothing helped upto the mark.

                                  Can you plz suggest anything else.


                                • Demetrius (DevExpress Support) 05.31.2013

                                  Hi Neeraj,

                                  To determine the cause of the issue I need to research it at runtime. Could you please provide me with a simplified runnable version of your project where the issue is reproduced and your data source to let me examine it on my side?

                                  If this issue is browser-specific, specify the browser family/version:
                                  - Detailed information about the browser: make a screenshot of the "Help -> About ..." dialog;
                                  - Browser/Document mode settings - press the F12 key to invoke the Dev Toolbar (for IE only).

                                  If it's possible, make a detailed screencast illustrating the problem (for example, using the Jing tool) and send it to us.

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