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                                  • How come the attached doesn't work for changing the progressbaredit color? I'm using the below ControlTemplate. The SECOND attachment does work, but I would like to use the MetropolisDark theme. How can this be done?

                                    <ControlTemplate x:Key="{dxet:ProgressBarEditThemeKey ResourceKey=PanelBackgroundHorizontalTemplate}" TargetType="{x:Type ContentControl}">
                                • Byzzle 05.08.2013

                                  2nd attachment

                                • Byzzle 05.09.2013

                                  Hi, I just reformatted my harddrive and I do have a WPF license. Everything should work appropriately now

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                                Hello Brenan,
                                You need to set the IsThemeIndependent property to true. I have attached the modified sample.
                                Feel free to contact us if you experience any further difficulties.

                                • Byzzle 05.09.2013

                                  The background is great. :) How could I change the Foreground?
                                          <ControlTemplate x:Key="{dxet:ProgressBarEditThemeKey ResourceKey=PanelBackgroundHorizontalTemplate, IsThemeIndependent=true}" TargetType="{x:Type ContentControl}">
                                                      <LinearGradientBrush EndPoint="1,0.5" StartPoint="0,0.5">
                                                          <GradientStop Color="Blue" Offset="0.7" />
                                                          <GradientStop Color="#FF484646" Offset=".95" />
                                                          <GradientStop Color="Blue"/>

                                          <dxe:ProgressBarEdit HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="99,41,0,0"
                                                               Name="progressBarEdit1" VerticalAlignment="Top"
                                                               Width="169" Height="16" Value="33"
                                                               ContentDisplayMode="Value" />

                                • Alexey (DevExpress Support) 05.09.2013

                                  Hello Brenan,
                                  You need to define the ControlTemplate for PanelTemplateHorizontal. I have attached a sample that illustrates this approach.
                                  I suggest you use the Theme Editor to create custom themes for our controls.

                                • Byzzle 05.11.2013

                                  Hi Alexey, could you possibly re-upload the solution file. I believe you may have uploaded a different one?

                                • Alexey (DevExpress Support) 05.12.2013

                                  Hello Brenan,
                                  Please accept my apologies for this misunderstanding. I have attached a correct project.