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                                  • When running on our local development web servers and on the
                                    DevExpress demo site it works fine, but on any of or dev, test or live
                                    web servers the first time we click those links it takes a long time the first
                                    time for the pop up.

                                    Our local machines are using VS 2012 with IIS express.
                                    Our other web servers are running Windows Server 2008.

                                    We put together a web page that just has the Html Editor on
                                    it only and it has the same issue.

                                    Do you have any thoughts on resolving this issue?

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                                • Marion (DevExpress Support) 04.10.2013

                                  Hi Glenn,

                                  The information you have provided is insufficient to make any assumption. Please send us your ASPxHtmlEditor's ASPx markup and code snippets. Alternatively, provide us with a simple working project that illustrates the issue in action. With a small example project, it is much easier for us to verify that the code that calls ours is valid, and that the way our controls are being used is recommended. This way, we can concentrate our resources on the problematic area:

                                  A request for simple example programs

                                  Your time and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

                                • Glenn Byron 04.11.2013

                                  Hi Marion,

                                  Thanks for the quick response. As I wrote in the original message,

                                  "We put together a web page that just has the Html Editor on it only and it has the same issue. ".

                                  This was the last test we did before opening up this ticket. I started a new page in VS 2012 drug the html editor control on the page and deployed it to the different servers. Went directly to this page in the URL and the issue was still there.

                                  Anyway here is that page with just the editor.


                                • Larry (DevExpress Support) 04.11.2013

                                  Hello Glenn,

                                  Thank you for providing your project. We need additional time to investigate the issue. We will inform you once we have any results.

                                • Artem (DevExpress Support) 04.12.2013

                                  Hello Glenn,

                                  I created a project based on the archive you provided and deployed a website, but couldn't reproduce the problem.
                                  I've made a short video to demonstrate how it works.
                                  Would you please specify under what conditions the issue occurs, so that I can reproduce it and provide you with a precise solution?

                                • Glenn Byron 04.12.2013


                                  Thanks for the response. There is one issue I need to cover first. I was wrong about the version of DevExpress we are using. We are using: 12.1.7.

                                  I don’t want to seem overly critical, but we seem to be having a problem with reading the whole original post. This is the second time. The headline of the post states, “ASPxHtmlEditor - click on insert link or insert image it takes a long time to pop up the dialog box the first time”. In your video it seems you clicked on all the buttons except the Insert Image or Insert Link buttons. We are having no problems with any of the other buttons.

                                  Anyway there seems to be another ticket: Q309424 that has the same issue, but there seem to be no resolution.

                                  Why I bring this to you is that it is only this DevExpress control, on these two functions that seem to have the issue.
                                  Please let me know what I can do to get your control to function as expected.


                                • Artem (DevExpress Support) 04.15.2013

                                  Hello Glenn,
                                  I've tried to reproduce the issue using the 12.1.7 assembly. The worst result on my side was nearly four seconds. I've recorded a video demonstrating how it works. Please find my test project in the attachment. Try to deploy it and perform the following steps:
                                  1) Run the site in the first browser;
                                  2) Click the Insert link and insert image popups;
                                  3) Run the site in the second browser using the same link.
                                  4) Click the Insert link and insert the image popups in it;
                                  5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 with other browsers.
                                  Please clarify how long it takes for the popup to open on your side in such a scenario. You can try to use browser development tools to research information which the browser obtains from the server side.

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