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                                  • Hi Team

                                    I have BarManager in the Mainwindow.xaml. I am trying to use MVVM pattern to load the BarManager with the Menu in the "ViewModel" and simple Bind it to the "View" (MainWindow) using the BarSource property. Please let me know if this achievable. Please note i saw sample on the DevExpress site and it is confusing. I dont see any Menu item displayed.


                                    xaml Page
                                    <dxb:BarManager BarsSource="{Binding EmployeeVM.Source}"> </dxb:BarManager> <dxd:DockLayoutManager Name="dockLayoutManager" ClosingBehavior="ImmediatelyRemove"> <dxd:LayoutGroup Orientation="Horizontal"> <dxd:DocumentGroup x:Name="MdiContainer" DestroyOnClosingChildren="True" MDIStyle="MDI" AllowFloat="False" AllowHide="False" AllowDock="False" AllowActivate="True" AllowExpand="False" ClosePageButtonShowMode="NoWhere"> </dxd:DocumentGroup> </dxd:LayoutGroup> </dxd:DockLayoutManager>

                                    ViewModel code
                                    public BarManager Source { get { BarManager obj = new BarManager();
                                    BarButtonItem menuFileRow = new BarButtonItem(); menuFileRow.Content = "File"; menuFileRow.Command = new DelegateCommand<object>(this.FileNew);
                                    BarSubItemLink newlink = new BarSubItemLink(); newlink.ItemLinks.Add(menuFileRow);
                                    Bar MainMenu = new Bar(); MainMenu.ItemLinks.Add(newlink); obj.Bars.Add(MainMenu); return obj;
                                    } }

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                                Hello Jai,
                                You can find a simple sample showing how to implement a menu with an MVVM pattern in the Q432419: MVVM Bar Menu examples thread. Please try it and let me know if it is helpful.
                                I look forward to hearing from you.

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