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                                  • hI,

                                    i need to access to text in repositoryItemMemoEdiT but I dont now how can i do it.

                                    thanks for your help

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                                Is the RepositoryItemMemoEdit contained within a toolbar or GridControl?

                                If it's within a Toolbar, you'd simply use the BarEditItem's EditValue property. If it's contained within a GridControl, you can use the GridView's GetRowCellValue method to retrieve the value/text.

                                • RepositoryItem object store only editor settings, which are used to create an editor when its container control comes to the edit mode. Would you please clarify your application workflow? I believe that we will be able to find a solution for you if we better understand your goal.

                                • KARIMA KHETTAL 03.11.2013

                                  I have a gridControl GDfournissCodes with four columns (id , nom , prenom , idVoiture)
                                  in the column idVoiture I have a repositoryItemMemoEdit with two columns "Marque" and "Nom"

                                  when I select an element of repositoryItemMemoEdit
                                  I want to do a treatment on this text (split in two string)the first string I will put it in column "nom"
                                  the second string i will put it in the column "prenom"

                                  sorry for my english I am francophone

                                • Andrew Ser (DevExpress Support) 03.12.2013

                                  It is not quite clear to me what columns inside MemoEdit you mean. The MemoEdit editor has no columns. Would you please describe your scenario in greater detail?
                                  Do you mean LookUpEdit instead of MemoEdit?
                                  This information will allow us to find an appropriate solution faster.
                                  I hope to receive your response soon.

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