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                                Hello Stefano,
                                While building your own NuGet package is absolutely possible, its deployment is a subject for discussion. As you likely know, our controls require a set of libraries to be deployed with your application/package. You are allowed to deploy the DevExpress libraries specified in the list of redistributable libraries (see our EULA). However, these libraries may conflict with the DevExpress libraries installed on the client machine. Moreover, this will definitely enlarge the size of your NuGet package.
                                If you avoid deploying DevExpress libraries, clients will need to install a specific DevExpress build on their machines, and this seems to contradict the NuGet ideology.
                                While we are still considering NuGet as a deployment model, these specifics block us from following this route.
                                If you need any further clarification on our licensing policy, feel free to contact our Client Services Department (

                                • stefano del furia 03.08.2013

                                  thanks for the reply.
                                  I could be agree with what you are saying, but consider this:
                                  How do you solve the problem of contious integration and use of cloud based TFS version like ???

                                • Serge (DevExpress Support) 03.08.2013

                                  We are currently looking for a complete solution for these configurations. See ticket Q476197: Application built on TFS in the cloud is expired.