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                                  • I didn ́t get the printer dialog in FireFox 19.0 and I can ́t print. This happens after the Windows Update!
                                    When I run your demos I get the same result.
                                    I come from Germany.
                                    What is the problem?
                                    Under IE 9 it runs like before.



                                • Hi Steffen,

                                  I have reproduced a similar issue locally. We will examine this behavior in greater detail and check for a suitable solution.

                                • Jan Šotola 03.04.2013

                                  Also reproduced in Firefox 19.0.1 (Czech version)

                                • Hello Jan,

                                  Please refer to the solution posted in Alex's answer. It describes how to resolve this problem.
                                  Feel free to contact us if you need any additional assistance. We will be happy to help you.

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                                Hi Steffen,

                                We have carefully examined this issue and found that it is related to the fact that the native PDF viewer is always enabled in the latest version of the Firefox web browser. When the "Content-Disposition:inline" header is used, the PDF document is always sent to the native PDF viewer instead of the Adobe Reader. To solve this issue, enable the corresponding option in Firefox. See: [Alt]->Tools->Options -> Applications
                                Portable Document Format (PDF) -> Use Adobe Acrobat option.
                                It turns out that there is no special method to programmatically determine whether or not this option is enabled. This means that you need to configure Firefox manually.

                                At present, we haven't found a suitable way to override the FireFox PDF viewer in our code.

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                                • Steffen Mutschler 02.25.2013

                                  When installing DevExpress shoudn ́t it be set as standard in Firefox?

                                • Hi Steffen,

                                  The problem is that the native Firefox PDF viewer overrides Adobe the Reader configuration and we haven't found a suitable method to detect the corresponding option state in Firefox.

                                • Raffi Saroyan 03.04.2013

                                  hi alex,

                                  detection aside, is devx able to override the FF setting?

                                  thank you.


                                • Hi Steffen,

                                  At present, we haven't found a suitable way to override the FireFox PDF viewer in our code.

                                • Raffi Saroyan 03.04.2013

                                  got it - thank you.

                                • You are welcome, Raffi!

                                • Hello Support,

                                  do have any information about the status of this behaviour ?


                                • Raffi Saroyan 03.26.2013

                                  no - ty alexander

                                • I have updated Alex' answer based on your comments. Please check the original answer.

                                • D. Thompson 11.24.2014

                                  Just curious, has there been an update to this? We have a ton of Firefox users and would like an automated solution. Thanks!

                                • Hi D. Thompson,

                                  No, we cannot change the Firefox browser settings from our code. And the Firefox browser's native PDF viewer cannot correctly print the PDF document that was sent to the client after the "Print" button was pressed.
                                  So, the only solution is to change the default PDF viewer in the Firefox browser settings manually.

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