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                                  • I am stuck with following error on Oracle and need some guidance assistance. I can create a DataView on Report server but when I execute the report I get the following error. Schema needs to be updated. Contact your system administrator. Sql text: ORA00904: TABLEALIAS.".Incident Id_2C83BEF0": invalid identifier. I have attached the view for reference. I use the Oracle .NET Managed driver.

                                    "Incident No",
                                    "Incident Date",
                                    "Incident Type",
                                    "File No",
                                    "Place of Incident",
                                    "Task Performed",
                                    "Equipment Used",
                                    "Asset No",
                                    "Reported By",
                                    "Reported Date",
                                    "Employee Surname",
                                    "Employee Gender",
                                    "Employee Age",
                                    "Incident Description",
                                    "Bodily Location of Injury",
                                    "Nature of Injury",
                                    "Incident Identification",
                                    "Completion Status",
                                    "Completion Date",
                                    "Incident File No",
                                    "Depart of Labour Reported",
                                    "Depart of Labour Reported By",
                                    "Depart of Labour Reported Date",
                                    "Investigator 1",
                                    "Investigator 2",
                                    "Investigator 3",
                                    "Investigator 4",
                                    "Investigator 5",
                                    "Investigator 6",
                                    "Investigator 7",
                                    "Investigator 8",
                                    "Investigator 9",
                                    "Investigator 10",
                                    "Department Manager",
                                    "Chairman of Safety"
                                    SELECT HRMTIMS.IMS_NO AS "Incident No",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_DATE AS "Incident Date",
                                    HRMTIMT.IMT_DESCR AS "Incident Type",
                                    HRMTIMV.IMV_DESCR AS "Severity",
                                    HRMTDPT.DPT_DESC AS "Department",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_REPORT_TO AS "Supervisor",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_REF_NO AS "File No",
                                    PWCTCTR.CTR_DESC AS "Place of Incident",
                                    PWCTCTA.CTA_DESC AS "Area",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_TASK_PERFORMED AS "Task Performed",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_EQUIPMENT_USED AS "Equipment Used",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_ASSET_NO AS "Asset No",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_COST AS "Cost",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_REPORTED_BY AS "Reported By",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_REPORTED_DTIME AS "Reported Date",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMP_EMP_SURNAME AS "Employee Surname",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_EMP_GENDER AS "Employee Gender",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_EMP_AGE AS "Employee Age",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_INC_DESCR AS "Incident Description",
                                    HRMTIEL.IEL_DESCR AS "Bodily Location of Injury",
                                    HRMTIME.IME_DESCR AS "Nature of Injury",
                                    HRMTIMA.IMA_DESC AS "Incident Identification",
                                    HRMTSFT.SFT_DESC AS "Shift",
                                    HRMTIMB.IBM_DESCR AS "Agency",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_COMPLETE_STS AS "Completion Status",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_COMPLETE_DATE AS "Completion Date",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_INCIDENT_NO AS "Incident File No",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_DLB_REPORT AS "Depart of Labour Reported",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_DLB_REPORT_BY AS "Depart of Labour Reported By",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_DLB_DATE AS "Depart of Labour Reported Date",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_INV_PERSON_1 AS "Investigator 1",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_INV_PERSON_2 AS "Investigator 2",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_INV_PERSON_3 AS "Investigator 3",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_INV_PERSON_4 AS "Investigator 4",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_INV_PERSON_5 AS "Investigator 5",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_INV_PERSON_6 AS "Investigator 6",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_INV_PERSON_7 AS "Investigator 7",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_INV_PERSON_8 AS "Investigator 8",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_INV_PERSON_9 AS "Investigator 9",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_INV_PERSON_10 AS "Investigator 10",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_DEPT_MNG_CDE AS "Department Manager",
                                    HRMTIMS.IMS_CHAIR_EMS_CDE AS "Chairman of Safety"
                                    FROM HRMTIMS
                                    LEFT JOIN HRMTIMT
                                    ON HRMTIMS.IMS_TYPE_CDE = HRMTIMT.IMT_CDE
                                    LEFT JOIN HRMTIMV
                                    ON HRMTIMS.IMS_SEVER_CDE = HRMTIMV.IMV_CDE
                                    AND HRMTIMS.IMS_TYPE_CDE = HRMTIMV.IMV_TYPE_CDE
                                    LEFT JOIN HRMTDPT
                                    ON HRMTIMS.IMS_DEPT_CDE = HRMTDPT.DPT_ID
                                    LEFT JOIN PWCTCTR
                                    ON HRMTIMS.IMS_PLACE_CDE = PWCTCTR.CTR_CDE
                                    LEFT JOIN PWCTCTA
                                    ON HRMTIMS.IMS_PLACE_CDE = PWCTCTA.CTA_CTR_CDE
                                    AND HRMTIMS.IMS_PLACE_AREA_CDE = PWCTCTA.CTA_CDE
                                    LEFT JOIN HRMTIEL
                                    ON HRMTIMS.IMS_EMP_LOCATION_ING_CDE = HRMTIEL.IEL_CDE
                                    LEFT JOIN HRMTIME
                                    ON HRMTIMS.IMS_NATURE_INJURY = HRMTIME.IME_CDE
                                    LEFT JOIN HRMTIMA
                                    ON HRMTIMS.IMS_EMP_MECH_ING_CDE = HRMTIMA.IMA_CDE
                                    LEFT JOIN HRMTSFT
                                    ON HRMTIMS.IMS_SHFT_CDE = HRMTSFT.SFT_CDE
                                    LEFT JOIN HRMTIMB
                                    ON HRMTIMS.IMS_AGENCY_CDE = HRMTIMB.IMB_CDE

                                • We are working on your request, but it can take us some time to examine it. I will get back to you once we have any results or need additional information. Thank you for your patience.

                                • Hi Marquis,

                                  It looks like we need your database schema to examine the issue further. If possible, provide your database backup file so that we can reproduce a similar issue locally. We will check for a permanent solution.

                                • Marquis,

                                  It is not necessary to provide your actual data: a complete data schema with a couple of sample records should be enough. Please let me know if you manage to create a separate database backup for testing purposes.

                                • Just a follow-up. If you can make your database remotely accessible, feel free to update this ticket and provide the connection string information here. If necessary, you can mark this ticket as private.

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