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                                  • Hello,

                                    I'm trying to create ribbon items from config to have a dynamic ribbon. In the case I want a ParSplitButtonItem, I pass to my code a description containing a Type instance of the EditSettings class representing the editor I want to embbed in the popup of the bar button.

                                    I do same thing with BarEditItem, and I create the bar item with (part of) code like this:

                                    BarEditItem bei = new BarEditItem ()
                                    Content = Libelle + " :",
                                    DataContext = iril.DataContext,
                                    Hint = Tooltip,
                                    Name = String.Format ("bei{0}_{1}", iril.Tag, Tag),
                                    EditSettings = Activator.CreateInstance (settings) as DevExpress.Xpf.Editors.Settings.BaseEditSettings

                                    and it works fine.

                                    For BarSplitButtonItem, I not found EditSettings property , and PopupControl cannot be initialized with code like this:

                                    PopupControl = new PopupControlContainer () { PopupContent = Activator.CreateInstance (???) as s ????}

                                    How can I "translate" my EditSettings type instance to a n editor that I can affect to the PopupControl property?

                                    Thanks in advance,


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                                Hi Bruno,

                                You can put any visual object into the PopupControlContainer.Content property. For instance:

                                SpinEdit popupContent = (SpinEdit)Activator.CreateInstance(typeof(SpinEdit)); popupContent.Width = 200; popupContent.Height = 70; BarSplitButtonItem bt = new BarSplitButtonItem() { Content = "SplitItem", PopupControl = new PopupControlContainer() { Content = popupContent } };

                                I have attached a sample project to demonstrate this approach. Please review it and let me know if you need further assistance.

                                • BRUNO DELUARD 01.21.2013

                                  Yes, I tested this solution by myself. But I shoud prefer to use a solutioon absed on a xxxSettings class type to pass as a parameter more than a xxxEdit class type. And I search a way to instanciate an editor from its settings class : I suppose it is possible becasue this is the way used in gridcontrol to create editors?

                                  Thanks for any solution.


                                • Yes, it is possible to create an editor using EditSettings. I suggest you use the BaseEditSettings.CreateEditor method:

                                  public class DefaultEditorViewInfo : IDefaultEditorViewInfo { public HorizontalAlignment DefaultHorizontalAlignment { get { return HorizontalAlignment.Left; } } } SpinEdit popupContent = (SpinEdit)((BaseEditSettings)Activator.CreateInstance(settings)).CreateEditor(new DefaultEditorViewInfo());

                                • BRUNO DELUARD 01.21.2013

                                  Ok!! it is using the DefaultEditorViewInfo class which was missing fore me :)
                                  Thanks for your answer!

                                • You are welcome!

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