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                                  • Hi DevEx Team!

                                    For the integration into several build services it would be absolutly amazing to provide nuget packages from the DevEx Assemblies provided by the installer (or as a seperated zip file) to use them to in an internal nuget package location.

                                    So we not have to checkin the according dll's into our repo and are able to build every version checked in independent of the currently installed DevEx version.

                                    i have no problem to create the nuget packages on my own, but i can't figure out any documentation which dependencies the components have on each other.

                                    I think i am not the only one who likes to keep his repository kept clean (without binary merges).

                                    We are not able to install the DevEx components on each build controller (we plan to use TeamFoundation Service / TeamFoundation Server).
                                    With NuGet we could manage this in an easy way, without the pain of registering dll's in GAC. I think your licence agreements wouldn't be harmed.

                                    Currently we use Jenkins and have multible versions of DevEx Components running. There can only be one Minor release at a time (12.2.4 eg. 12.2.5 is not possible at a time. We cant provide each DevEx version a dedicated build server instance to manage all the different versions.

                                    Our developers currently are removing all the version information inside the *.csproj files. For example(, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b88d1754d700e49a, processorArchitecture=MSIL") and reinstall previous version each time they try to reproduce an error in production with according DevEx version.

                                    With NuGet the build itself will handle the different versions of the dll's tracked in the nuget packages.config checked in.

                                    I'm glad to hear from you,

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                                Hello Manuel,
                                We discussed this topic earlier in ticket S139898 (NuGet Packages). We do not have immediate plans to deliver our binaries as NuGet packages in contrast to our own installation engine. However, things change and we will possibly reconsider our position. Thank you for your ideas!

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                                • Manuel Grundner [DevExpress MVP] 01.17.2013

                                  Hello Serge!
                                  Thanks, I didn't know this suggestion!
                                  However, i don't think about packages itselfs but package specs to build the packages on my own and deploy it to a location the buildserver can reach. The only problem are the dependencies of the different components (for example: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Win.vXX.dll requires DevExpress.ExpressApp.vXX.dll).
                                  Any Ideas how to get the dependency list?
                                  Thanks Manuel.

                                • Serge (DevExpress Support) 01.17.2013

                                  Manuel, you can find the list of required assemblies in our documentation:
                                  Redistribution and Deployment
                                  XAF - Redistribution and Deployment.
                                  If you need to obtain references for a specific DLL, the use of the .NET Reflector tool looks like the best approach.

                                • Manuel Grundner [DevExpress MVP] 01.18.2013

                                  Thank you Serge! This was exactly what i was looking for!

                                • Serge (DevExpress Support) 01.18.2013

                                  You are very welcome, Manuel !

                                • Loren Kimble 08.14.2013

                                  Are the control/assembly dependencies available in an xml file somewhere so that we don't have to troll the docs for every single control during every single upgrade (as the devex team frequently moves/renames namespaces etc, which is a complete PITA when it comes to our internal package management). Otherwise we have to create a giant monolithic devex package and with it comes all the references that aren't being used. Your installer must use something similar, please just expose this and I would imagine the NuGet crowd would be able to build and manage their own private packages and leave you guys alone.

                                • Serge (DevExpress Support) 08.28.2013

                                  Loren, we utilize these dependency files in the Assembly Deployment Tool. I have attached the file for version 13.1. Please note that this file is not intended for official distribution, nor is it officially supported. If you wish to utilize it, you can do this at your own risk. In any case, I hope it will be of some help to you.

                                • Manuel Grundner [DevExpress MVP] 08.29.2013

                                  Thank you Serge, i've managed this with reflection, but this is also very helpful!

                                • David Taylor 05.03.2014

                                  Hopefully DevExpress will reconsider providing NuGet packages. We maintain our own private NuGet server and would be happy if the packages were available for download by registered customers.
                                  Internally we have developed a process for creating DXperience Nuget packages to support our build automation environment. The packages work well with the exception of some annoyances maintaining references in Visual Studio. Like Manuel Grundner, we use reflection to find assembly dependencies. The only issue is reflection lists ALL of the dependencies and pulls in assemblies that are not actually needed.
                                  It would be great if DevExpress included the XML deployment dependencies file in the official release, even if it is not officially supported. We would happily use the dependencies file in place of reflection in our package build process. Even better would be if DevExpress delivered an official set of .nuspec files as part of the installation.

                                • Manuel Grundner [DevExpress MVP] 05.03.2014

                                  Hi David! Feel free to vote up :)

                                • Caio Proiete (NCL) 09.29.2014

                                  Any news on this? Would really make using (and upgrading) DevExpress a lot easier. Could you please consider providing us with NuGet packages asap?

                                • Serge (DevExpress Support) 09.30.2014

                                  Hi Caio,

                                  I've replied to your comment at S139898: NuGet Packages 

                                • Caio Proiete (NCL) 10.22.2014

                                  For others getting into this question via search engines, I've created nuspec files if you want to generate your own NuGet packages and host them in your private feed:

                                • Justin Wood 1 11.12.2015

                                  This feature is highly requested and with no new comments from DevExpress in years. Can we get an official update on this?

                                • Marc Derndorff 11.19.2015

                                  Agree: this would help a lot

                                • Dano Loudon 12.03.2015

                                  I would have to agree it would be great to have NuGet packages.  I found myself here because I searched to see if DevExpress had this feature.  Now let me get back to updating my other packages.

                                • Manuel Grundner [DevExpress MVP] 02.26.2016

                                  I uploaded a tool I am using for almost 5 years now. It scans the assemblies and builds packages for it. It does manage depenencies to other Devexpress assemblies, but does not handle framework references.


                                • Manuel Grundner [DevExpress MVP] 04.08.2016
                                • Justin Wood 1 09.30.2016

                                  Still waiting. Your competitors have NuGet packages.

                                • Adrian Garcia 6 11.04.2016

                                  Any plans on this after 4 years?

                                • Benjamin Schröder 01.11.2017

                                  Also waiting for this!

                                • sean kearon 01.13.2017

                                  Sorry, but for me, this is a deal breaker.  So, after 8 years with DX, I'm going to move all new projects to another company.