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                                  • Hi,

                                    I'm using GridView MVC Extension; and I need add row values like I'm adding column values. I'm adding rows with this line:


                                    But how can I add row values like this?

                                    I need this feature because I store XML nodes from a single model property in the view. System.Xml.XmlNodeList[] nodes = Model.XMLs.Nodes;

                                    Then I loop the xml string with a foreach structure for retrieve the column values. (I can add easily a column from a XMLnode; but i cannot do the same with cells/rows). I'm in a foreach structure

                                    foreach (System.Xml.XmlNodeList node in nodes)
                                    DateTime ms = DateTime.Now;
                                    Html.DevExpress().GridView(gw => {
                                    gw.Name = "myGridView" + ms.Millisecond;//different grid name (fast solution)
                                    gw.Width = 450;
                                    foreach (System.Xml.XmlNode n in node) {
                                    if (xmlnode.Attributes["row"].Value == "0") {//If, while in the foreach loop; in the xml XmlNodeList, there is value 0 in row property....
                                    gw.Columns.Add(xmlnode.Attributes["value"].Value);//We have to Add new column!
                                    } else {/
                                    //Here I must add row values :S



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                                I would like to note that the GridView just shows data from a datasource. It is impossible to add a row or cell manually.
                                In your case, I see two solutions:
                                - Rewrite the text of existent cells that belong to the GridView. Use the GridViewSettings.CustomColumnDisplayText delegate for this;
                                - Bind the GridView to a Model that already has all required modifications.

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