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                                  • In VS 2010, I can load plug-ins just fine from the Extension Manager. All the plug-ins load and run as expected. However, when I install plug-ins via the Extension Manger in VS 2012, none of the plug-ins load. They show they are installed just fine in the Extension Manager but CodeRush never loads them. Attached are screen shots showing the Plug-in Manager in CodeRush where the only Third-party plug-ins that installed correctly are the ones in the C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\DevExpress\IDE Tools\Community\PlugIns folder. The ones loaded by installing from the vsix file do not load. This is only happening in VS 2012. VS 2010 works just fine when installed via vsix file. The screen shots also show the extension area in VS 2012, where you can see two different plug-ins that have the right files but CodeRush never loads them.

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                                Hi Cathi,
                                Thank you for your report.I have managed to reproduce the issue with the installation of VSIX plug-ins in Visual Studio 2012 and passed this ticket to our developers so that they can correct it.
                                You will be automatically notified once we make progress with this issue.

                                • Travis Illig 02.15.2013

                                  Looking forward to a solution for this issue. It persists in the 12.2.6 release, meaning all the DXCore stuff on the VS Gallery isn't available to folks anymore.

                                • Travis Illig 03.28.2013

                                  Looks like 12.2.7 also doesn't include a fix for this. Any word on when we might actually see a resolution?

                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 03.29.2013

                                  Hi Travis,
                                  It appears that for some reason we have missed your previous comment. Please accept my apologies. Since this problem is rather complex, we need extra time to prepare a fix. It appears that VS 2012 prevents VSIX extension plug-ins from being loaded. We have analyzed the plug-ins and have not found any difference from the DevExpress Tools VSIX extension (which loads correctly in VS 2012). We appreciate your patience while we are working on this problem.