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                                  • Hi DevExpress,

                                    I have to create a chart looking like the example in the attached screenshot. You can see the underlying data from the table in the screenshot, too.

                                    How would I best create such a chart from the given data?

                                    My argument values are of type qualitative. I need to draw a step for each value in the "Values step" column of the data source. Also I need to draw a column for each value in the "Values bar" column of the data source. There are the following rules:
                                    - each bar has to be exactly as wide as the corresponding step
                                    - the position (in relation to the x axis) of bar and corresponding step has to be the same
                                    - Each bar shows the difference between the both values. The color depends on which value is bigger.

                                    Do you have any idea? I tried combining two series of type SideBySideRangeBar and StepLine. But I had two major problems:
                                    - the distance between the bars is too big (should be 0)
                                    - the step and the corresponding bar are always overlapping concerning their x position

                                    Thanks and regards,

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                                You can link your Bar series to a secondary axis X. And use its Range.MinValueInternal property to shift points. Use the BarWidth property to specify the bar width as a fraction of axis units (the distance between two major axis tickmarks).
                                Attached is a small sample project that demonstrates how to accomplish this.

                                • Simone Frank 01.04.2013

                                  Hi Valdemar,

                                  seems to work. Thanks a lot.


                                • Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding the use of our controls. We will do our best to find an appropriate solution.

                                • Simone Frank 01.07.2013

                                  Hi again,

                                  just one question popping up when having a closer look to the chart: what can I do to make a step line visible even for the last data point? In your example you see that there are 8 data points but only 7 step lines / bars. If I change the internal max value of the axes, the missing bar will become visible. But there is no eight step line. Is there a way or do I have to create an additional data point with the same value to overcome this issue?

                                  Thanks and regards,

                                • Hi Simone,

                                  That's right: you will need to update the Series.Point collection associated with the Step Line Series and add extra points there.

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