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                                  • I use three colors(Red, Amber and Green) for rows in my treelist control based on the datatable soucre data.

                                    Let suppose I have five columns in my datasource, like IsRed, IsAmber, IsGreen, Title and Date. I color code rows in treelist using the data present in datasoure columns (IsRed, IsAmber, IsGreen) by using the TreeList.NodeCellStyle event as follows.

                                    if (Convert.ToString(e.Node["IsGreen"]) == "True")
                                                        e.Appearance.BackColor = Color.LightGreen;
                                                    else if (Convert.ToString(e.Node["IsAmber"]) == "True")
                                                        e.Appearance.BackColor = Color.Orange;
                                                    } While loading the treelist for the first time, I am able to populate treelist correctly with color using these conditions. I also use CheckEditItem in my treelist control.

                                    Now my problem is, when I select/unselect the CheckEditItem , I need to change the background color to Green whenever I select it and retain its original color when un select it. Can you please suggest a better way to accomplish this.

                                    Thank you.

                                • Try the attached sample project and let me know whether or not it meets your requirements.

                                • Ranjith Vushakola 1 12.10.2012

                                  Thank you John. This works for me as expected. Appreciate for your quick response.

                                • You are welcome.
                                  I am glad to hear that you have found my assistance helpful. Please feel free to contact us in case of any difficulties.

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