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                                  • Hello,

                                    Im currently working on a Windows 8 store app (c# Xaml). Unfortunately im missing a control with the functionality to load, edit and save documents (like a ASPxHtmlEditor) (types: doc,docx or pdf) embedded in my app.

                                    Are the DevExpress developers currently working on a xaml control which includes these functionalities or are there plans for developing controls with this functionality in the future?

                                    If so, When will it be released?

                                    In order to complete my app i searched for a alternative and found one.

                                    the standard Windows store app Webview can load a webpage. So i created a webpage with a Rich Text Editor Control (ASPxHtmlEditor) for ASP.NET AJAX on it, where i can load a document.

                                    Regrettably this ain’t working perfectly since this tool isn’t ment for touch interaction. This reflected in the keyboard pupup in combination with text selection or making tekst bold, italic etc.

                                    Have you considered making this contol suiteble for touch interaction or is this currently under development?

                                    If so, When will it be available?

                                    Hans Krabben

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                                Hello Hans,

                                Currently, we don't have a RichEdit type of controls which would allow working with DOC, DOCX, and other document types. At present such a control is under consideration, so I cannot even say for sure whether or not we're going to implement it. In any case, it won't be available in the nearest future.

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