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                                  • How can I check if the textedit is a "multiline" editor?

                                    In the standard VS textbox, there is a multiline property which I can set and also check for multiline.

                                    When the text box got focus, I want to check if it is a multuline edit and display the results in the label control.

                                    Please see attached sample.

                                    When textedit5 got focus, I want to display "Multiline" in the label control.

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                                ´╗┐TextEdit controls do not support the Multiline property. You would use a MemoEdit control instead.

                                • Dean J. 07.11.2014

                                  If the TextEdit actually is a standard MS TextBox under the covers, I suggest supporting the Microsoft MultiLine property.  This would be so helpful when you've already placed a TextEdit on your form, and later the customer wants you to make it show multi-line.

                                • Hi Dean,
                                  You're right, our TextEdit is contained inside the Microsoft TextBox control, which does, as you correctly noticed, support multilane text. If for some reason, the MemoEdit control doesn't meet your requirements, it's possible to support multilane text by creating a custom editor. Please review my sample from the How to make MRUEdit multiline ticket to see how it can be done (it's for MRUEdit, but the idea is the same).
                                  See also: Custom Editors 

                                  Let me know if I can be of more help.

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