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                                  • Hi,

                                    In the treelist when i select a particular row the selection color changes in all columns of that particular row except the one i am clicking.

                                    I want to change this behaviour. I need to have uniform selection for every column. ie The whole row has to be shown in same color when selected.

                                    The situation is worse when there is only one column in treelist and when i select/multiselect a row, no selection color is visible.

                                    How to fix this? Please help urgently.



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                                Hi Ahmed,

                                It is the Treelist we were talking to.


                                <dxg:TreeListControl x:Name="treeList"> <dxg:TreeListControl.Columns> <dxg:TreeListColumn FieldName="Name" Header="Name" AllowSorting="False" AllowColumnFiltering="False" AllowAutoFilter="False" AllowEditing="False" Width="Auto"/> </dxg:TreeListControl.Columns> <dxg:TreeListControl.View> <dxg:TreeListView AllowEditing="False" NavigationStyle="Row" /> </dxg:TreeListControl.View> </dxg:TreeListControl>


                                • Vimal, thanks for your answer! I can only add that the TreeListControl and the GridControl can use the same view - TreeListView, the DataViewBase descendant, so the NavigationStyle property defined in the DataViewBase class, will be accessible both in the TreeListControl and GridControl.


                                Hello Vimal,
                                Thank you for your inquiry. The cause of this behavior is that the selected cell is highlighted. I suggest you set the DataViewBase.NavigationStyle property to Row to select rows instead of cells and overcome this situation.
                                Feel free to ask for additional information if necessary.

                                • Vimal P. 10.03.2012

                                  As a workaround i made a cell style with its background as Transparent. :-)
                                  Now NavigationStyle to Row is the way to go. I am changing the code like that.

                                • You are welcome! I'm glad to hear that the issue has been resolved.

                                • Ahmad Ibrahim 10.08.2012

                                  Is there a similar property for the TreeList?

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