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                                  • I want to using wcf service as DXTREME's Store.

                                    how to add wcf service to the middle tier security Application Server

                                • Hello Derek,

                                  I am afraid it is not quite clear exactly what kind of service you have, what it is supposed to do, and how and why you would like to integrate it with the XAF application server. Please provide a little more background information on your ultimate goal, and we will be glad to help you.

                                • derek pan 09.27.2012

                                  I'm looking DXTREME Learning Center -- Overview / Getting Started

                                  I'm trying to replace the datasource db.js to WCF Service

                                  But my Server has a Middle Tier Security Server.

                                  How to add a WCF Service on Middle Tier Security Server?

                                • derekpan yztsoft 09.27.2012

                                  add a WCF Service on Middle Tier Security Server , need any Authentication?

                                • Mr292 11.15.2012

                                  Sorry, Dont know how I voted it down. I was trying to vote it up. Would really like to see even just a simple todo here. Thanks,

                                • Hello Derek,

                                  We will publish a complete demo + blogs once 12.2 is out. Your patience is highly appreciated.

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                                I already voted!

                                Edit: Huh? should have been a comment.

                                But still another refresh ;-)

                                Edit 2: Why can I delete a comment but not a solution?


                                Thank you for the clarification. Yes, it is possible to expose (e.g., via OData) filtered data from the XAF application server and use it in DXTREME applications. And yes, it certainly requires passing the correct authentication ticket to the message header for every service call.
                                A few months ago researched in this internally, and it all worked as expected. Most likely, we will post an example or create a help article that describes this solution in detail, because it is something some of XAF users will be interested in. Your patience is highly appreciated.

                                Here we go:
                                How to deploy the OData security service in the Cloud for further use by a mobile DXTREME client

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