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                                  • Hi there. When you create a new XAF ASP.NET solution, all of the assemblies required to run are not added as explicit references in the projects. For instance, DevExpress.ExpressApp.Security and DevExpress.ExpressApp.Objects. If you are publishing to a remote host, and using Copy Local, you must go through and find and add these references by trial-and-error (checking the YSOD's) to find which assemblies also need to be deployed.

                                    I understand a certain amount of this would be involved, but it seems like for the default XAF ASP.NET projects that there are more referenced assemblies that the template could add to ease things.

                                    Let me know if I'm overlooking a better way to handle this sort of thing. Thanks in advance!

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                                Hi Nathanial,
                                The DevExpress.ExpressApp.Security and DevExpress.ExpressApp.Objects assemblies are not added to the template because they are not required (not all applications need the security system or the standard business objects library). If you add corresponding modules to the XAF Application designer, respective assembly references will be automatically added to the project and the web.config file.

                                • Nate Woolls - DevExpress MVP 09.21.2012

                                  Hi Michael, thanks for the response.
                                  While that may be the intention, it is not the case in practice. Creating a brand new XAF ASP.NET application creates a new solution that requires both DevExpress.ExpressApp.Security and DevExpress.ExpressApp.Objects without the user adding any security or authorization modules. You can see this both by editing the Web.config, and by trying to deploy the project to a remote server without DevExpress assemblies. Deploying both of these assemblies is required to avoid a YSOD.

                                • Dennis (DevExpress) 09.21.2012

                                  Nate, it seems that we forgot to remove these references from the web.config file, after releasing our new solution templates from these modules. We will see how to improve this for the future. Thank you for your feedback!