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                                  • I posted this once before, butthen it started working with a new form. However, now, I've added a 3rd subreport, and I'm getting the same NULL when I try to add a report source. The report shows up in the report list, and works fine in preview (see attached). I'm using Views as as datasource, (without args to keep it simple), to use a a template for designing, and then later at runtime will change the datasource to a custom select dataset. Could using $ or # such as Net# or Net$ cause the problem? See attachment - please let me know if you see anything obvious.

                                • At present, I am unable to reproduce the problem you described. Would you please modify the attached project to reproduce this issue in our side? This will make the situation clearer.

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                                Hello Len,

                                Thank you for your message. In most situations, this behavior is caused by the fact that you did not rebuild your solution after adding a new report. As a result, this report is not yet included to the project assembly, and you cannot choose it in the XRSubreport.ReportSource property.

                                To solve this issue, simply rebuild your solution using the "Main Menu->Build->Rebuild Solution" menu item.

                                • Lazor 09.13.2012

                                  That did it. Thanks!



                                Ok - now I can't seem to get any subreport to attach. I create a simple access datasource project with report1 using report2 as a subreport. When I select report2 for the source, it just stays null. Project is attached.

                                You sample was in C - I'm using VB

                                • Lazor 09.12.2012

                                  I've attached a camtasia swf for you to see.

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